Can Russell Westbrook Achieve Greatness?

Over the past two seasons, the best NBA player was debated between Stephen Curry, or LeBron James.  Now, with a new season comes a new player to add onto the list.  Russell Westbrook has taken the league by storm.  He has so many triple-doubles, it is ridiculous.  Nobody doubted that he was a good player in past years, but without Kevin Durant being the center piece for the Thunder’s, it finally gave Westbrook a chance to show his stuff.  He is currently leading the league with 30.7 PPG’s, second in assists, and has a chance to break the triple-double record.  People were concerned if Westbrook would perform without Durant in the same uniform, however, Westbrook performs even better when he is leading the team.

Curry, (many would say) is destined to be a all-time great, some would say he is already.  The same is said about James, and is probably going to be considered one of the best of all-time.  Is Westbrook destined for greatness?  He certainly has the athletic ability, he can dunk as a guard, and he is a scoring machine.  Westbrook may not be the best at defense, but he is average.  If being a “great” was only based on being a great athlete, Westbrook would already be a hall of famer.

There is two obstacles between Westbrook and greatness.  The first is that he has to consistently perform over multiple seasons, because many players have had breakout seasons, but the great players are great over a long period of time.  This obstacle is very achievable for Westbrook, he has the ability, as long as he stays healthy and keeps his cool, he should be able to perform for many seasons.

The second obstacle is a championship.  Westbrook needs to win championship with his team, lead by him and through him.  Greats succeed at the top, and Westbrook needs a championship or two to prove that he can lead his team to victory, because that is the whole purpose of playing and being great, is to win the big game.    Neither of these obstacles are impossible, and may even be likely, but for Westbrook to become great he has to overcome both.  As for now, Westbrook is on fire, and it will be intriguing to see what he does for the rest of the season.

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