49er’s Find Head Coach? Sports Headlines Reaction: 1/20/17

Hello, fellow sports fans.  If you are like me, you usually start your day (or end your day) reading sports headlines.  You scroll down through multiple headlines, then all of a sudden, you see it.  A headline that captures your attention, and makes you react.  Your reaction varies, sometimes you shout out with joy, or sigh in frustration, or sometimes say, “What!?!”  Well, I react a lot to headlines, and this week was no different.  Here was some of the headlines that stood out to me…

“Kyle Shanahan reportedly offered 49er’s Head Coach position”

This is a smart decision for the 49er’s.  They need a coach who is not eccentric and will not capture a lot of attention.  They have had Chip Kelly, and Jim Harbaugh as two of their last three coaches.  Those guys definitely grab the media’s attention, but Shanahan should be able to keep the pressure off the 49er’s, which is what they desperately need.  Shanahan also knows offense like nobody’s business.

“Novak Djokovic loses in the second round of the Australian Open”  

I may not be the biggest tennis guru out there, but I know when something shocking happens when it happens.  This left me flabbergasted for a while, especially because he was beat by “Dennis Istomin”.  Maybe you do not know, but Istomin has only won 1 single title, and actually has a losing record overall in his career.  This definitely sets up Andy Murray to win another title.

“Bautista re-signs a 1 year contract with Blue Jays”

This headline is entertaining.  Jose Bautista, who is one of the most confident players in the league, was pretty much forced to sign with the Blue Jays again, because he could not get the money he wanted from anyone else.  MLB teams do not want a player who, one, already will bring controversy with him, but two, also is old and three, had a horrible 2016 season.  I think Bautista signing with the Blue Jays is probably the best scenario for Bautista to rebound.

“Russell Westbrook does not make all-star starting lineup”

There is always players who get snubbed or put down, when the all-star games come around.  However, this one is really surprising.  Westbrook leads the NBA in points, has had over twenty triple-doubles, and is top five in assists.   How could Curry and Harden be placed in the starting lineup instead of Westbrook?  I am not sure, but he definitely deserves a starting spot.

“Raiders Officially File Paperwork to Relocate to Las Vegas”

“I have a bad feeling about this…” said everyone in Star Wars, and I think it applies here also.  Not only have teams moved and it horribly go wrong for a franchise, but the Raiders are taking fifty-some players, who are in their twenties and thirties, and having them play in VEGAS!  If this does not create off-field issues, I do not know what will.  I am just going to count the years until they file paperwork to comeback to Oakland.


Did you react to a certain headline?  Comment about it below, and if you like Sports Reaction, click the follow button.


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