Another Tennis Player bites the dust. Sports Headline Reactions: 1/23/17

It is a sad week for many sports fans, whether you are a Royals fan or not, you cannot help but feel the tears that are shed over the death of Yordano Ventura, a Kansas City Royals pitcher, who died in a fatal car accident at the age of 25.  This headline topped them all, which is why I wrote a post yesterday, not only to inform, but also to give my prayers and condolences to his family, which must be heartbroken at this very moment.  Their are also some other headlines I reacted to this weekend (though they were not nearly as tragic as the one above)…

“Tom Brady makes 7th Super Bowl amid controversy”

Congrats to him.  I am not a Patriots fan, but Tom Brady deserves a 7th Super Bowl after everything he did for the last 12 games.  Brady has said that he wants to play into his 40’s, but a lot of Bills and Jets fans are holding their breath, hoping he will retire if he wins a record five super bowls.

“Andrew Murray loses in the Australian Open”

Again, I am not a big tennis fan, but I thought that I had to review this headline, especially after what I said in my last Sports Headline Reaction.  First it was Novak, then Murray, whose going to be the next big tennis player to fail?  This just proves how unpredictable tennis really can be.

“Travis Kelce fined for his comments of the referee”

Yes, I understand why the league fined Kelce, I mean, it was offensive.  However, should the NFL fine players for what they say after the game?  Isn’t that what they want NFL players to do, is to talk about what they are thinking?  I do not know what I think of this, but I could see this becoming controversial in the coming weeks.

“Should the Knicks keep or get rid of Carmelo Anthony”

I would say keep, what do the Knicks gain by getting rid of him.  Yes, people love to point fingers when things do not go the right way.  Anthony just set a franchise record, with 25 points in a quarter.  That is talent that a team wants to keep.  Plus, Anthony is 32 years old, he is coming down on the homestretch, so the Knicks might as well keep him for the next few years until he retires.

“Johnny Manziel wants to make a comeback in the NFL”

Forget it, Manziel.  I am not saying that someone will not pick you up this offseason, but nothing will likely come out of it.  Teams do not like players who party a lot, and are very controversial (in a bad way, of course).  Maybe if he keeps his mouth shut, he might be able to be a career backup, but I personally do not see anything more coming out of it.

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