Lucky Number 7! Steelers @ Patriots Recap Report

Another week, another day the Patriots win a game.  Most of us, who have watched sports through the 21st century, can clearly say that the Patriots winning a game is never surprising.  Yes, they have played some tough teams, and have sometimes lost.  However, you almost always will predict in any circumstance that New England will have another victory.  That certainly did not change Sunday night…

Why the New  England Patriots won…

  • Definitely Tom Brady.  Tom Brady threw over 380 yards, three touchdowns, zero interceptions, and rushed for -1 yard on 4 attempts (never forget about Tom Brady’s scrambling ability).  Brady most impressive endeavor may have been his two touchdown throws to…Chris Hogan.  Yes, Hogan caught 9 receptions for 180, better than Antonio Brown.
  • The Patriots defense held the “Killer B’s” to only score 17 points that entire game.  They held Brown to 77 yards, 0 touchdowns.  Bell was held to 20 yards, zero receptions and no touchdowns (but he did hobble off the field). Patriots defense knew that they had to silence the “B’s” to win, and they did.
  • No turnovers.  Again, and again, the Patriots do not make bad mistakes.  They play consistent football, they will score, they will make their opponents make risky plays, which they capitalize on.  Another no interception or fumbling game for the Patriots.

Why the Pittsburgh Steelers lost…

  • Drops killed the Steelers Sunday night.  Yes, they may be young, but the main job a wide receiver needs to do is to catch.  Big Ben may have not played his best, but his receivers played worse.  This is when Big Ben needed his wide receivers to shine, but they failed.
  • The Steelers defense could not make significant plays against the Patriots.  You have to make the Patriots lose their step and cool to beat them.  The Steelers allowed 431 yards, 2 sacks and no turnovers.  You have to excel at one of those three area’s to have a chance to beat the Patriots, especially when the offense had its problems.
  • Bell did horrible, 20 yards, and 3.3 yards per carry until he had his hobble.  You can expect someone to do bad because of an injury, but he was doing bad before it also.  Next, Brown did not step up and lead the team after Bell left the field.  Brown had 77 yards, which are okay, but nothing to the extent in which Brown needed.  Brown was a disappointment this week, from the underplaying to the video, he just had a horrible week.

Well, there you have it, fellow Sports Reaction Fans, and remember be the best sports fan you can be.

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