No More Big Ben? Sports Headlines Reactions 1/25/17

Welcome to hump day Headline Reactions, when you thought you had enough stress in your day, you saw multiple headlines that made your day worse, or better, depending on how you look at things.  Since this is mid-week, we will look at only 3 headlines…

“Stephen Curry’s High School Jersey Retired”

Congrats to Curry.  We get caught up with all the NBA awards and prestige, that we sometimes forget how those players got there.  Charlotte Christian High School retired his number, which may seem small, but actually should be seen as a big deal.

“Dodgers trade for Forsythe, Longoria upset”

Good trade for the Dodgers, they needed a second baseman and a lead-off hitter, and obtained one.  Dodgers needed help with batting against left-handers, which again, is another requirement Forsythe meets.  It is understandable for Longoria to be upset, but do not let your emotions get in the way of the Job.  The last thing that the Rays need is a fight between the players and the front office.

“Ben Roethlisberger not committed to 2017 season”

For Steeler’s  fans, they shout out in agony.  For Bengals, Ravens and almost  any other team, it is a sigh of relief.  If Ben did retire, it would really hurt the Steelers, but they could pick up Tony Romo (not a bad place for Romo to end up).  Definitely would help the other teams in the division have a better chance at winning it.  Big Ben has not performed in his last few games could be a sign of things to come, I do not know, I guess we will have to wait and see.

Well, there it is, fellow Sports Reaction’ists.  Remember, be the best sports fan you can be.

What do you think?  Comment below on how you reacted, and if you like Sports Reaction, click the follow button.

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