2017 Pro Bowl Head-to-Head: Offense

Oh, the Pro Bowl, every sports fans favorite event, not.  Even though most of us would rather watch a documentary about ferrets than watch the most boring football game televised, we usually end up wondering if this year could be different, maybe, it could be semi-interesting, at best.  Most of the time, we hope in vain, but you never know, this year could be different.  Anyways, here is a head-to-head analysis of the offense position, and head coaches in the upcoming Pro Bowl.

Advantage at Head Coach

“KFC”: Andy Reid

Andy Reid may not be the best coach of all-time, but he is definitely a top ten coach currently, he excels at game-play and has lots of experience.  On the other sideline is Jason Garrett, who is not a bad coach, he just does not have the experience that Andy Reid does to put him over the top.

Advantage at Quarterback

NFC: Brees, Prescott, and Cousins

The NFC have Brees, who can throw as good as anyone else, they have Prescott, who has a unique set of talents and Cousins who does not fear airing out some passes.  Those guys can throw the ball well and believe in their ability.  The AFC quarterback’s are not the strongest this year, Philip Rivers, Alex Smith and Andy Dalton.  Philip Rivers can play elite, but it depends which Rivers you get, also, Smith and Dalton would have to perform above their average to have the advantage in this game.

Advantage at Running back

AFC: DeMarco Murray, Jay Ajayi and Melvin Gordon

This may be surprising, since the NFC has the “Chosen One” (Ezekiel Elliot), but the NFC has Darren Sproles as their third back, not that Sproles is not good, but he definitely is the weak link.   The AFC has a more consistent running backs, which is what you need from the running game.  I just do not think that you could disagree that the AFC has a weak running back.

Advantage at Wide Receiver

NFC: Odell Beckham, Dez Bryant, Mike Evans, and Doug Baldwin

This is a strong group of wide receivers, Beckham has amazing talent, Bryant and Evans is dominant, and Baldwin has the speed.  The AFC has a strong group also, with Cooper, Green, Hilton and Thomas, but it does not have the pedigree that Beckham and Bryant have gained.  This are to close groups, but overall, from top to bottom, the NFC has the better group.

Advantage at Tight End

AFC: Kelce and Walker

Kelce may not be the best role model for everyone, but he does have a ton of talent, and Walker is great too.  The NFC has a elite group with Olsen and Graham, no one doubts that Olsen is one of the best, but Graham is the weakest out of the four.  The AFC has a better two with Kelce and Walker.

Well, there you have it, fellow Sports Reaction’ists.  The AFC has the advantage in Head Coach, Running backs and Tight End, while the NFC has the advantage in quarterbacks and wide receivers. Remember, be the best sports fan you can be.

What do you think?  Comment below about the Pro Bowl, and if you like Sports Reaction, click the follow button.






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