Bye-Bye Bird! Sports Headlines Reactions: 1/27/17

Welcome Friday, we are only a week and two days away to the largest sporting event (the Super Bowl), but before that comes, these headlines are just a sample of what was astonishing this week…

“Russell Westbrook passes Byrd with 60th triple-double”

Congrats, Westbrook, you have passed an all time great.  This does not mean, of course, that he is better than Larry Bird (or could it?).  Westbrook is on fire this season, and I do not expect it to end.  If OKC had another player that was a score monger, this team could be the best.

“Pro Bowl Skills Challenge is a success”

That was fun.  No one has said that about the Pro Bowl in any sense for along time, and now, it was actually entertaining.  From dodge-ball, to one-handed catches, to power-relays.  The players were having fun, and were trying to win (something you don’t see everyday).  The only problem is why the NFL did not do this sooner.

“The William’s sisters are going to the finals”

Again, with the Tennis.  I am starting to hate tennis, because it keeps making headlines, but when the Williams sisters are going to play against each other, that will always make a headline.  I think Serena will win, but secretly, I am rooting for Venus, do not ask why, I just am.  Another William sister will be winning another open.

“Coach K suspends  some of his players from locker room”

This is going to make some controversy, because this does not happen all the time, even though Coach K has done this 3 times.  I do not see to much wrong with this, it is a little extreme for a loss, but Coach K probably knows how to coach players better than the rest of us, so I will not question him.  I did think it was weird that he also banned them from wearing Blue Devils gear, which I think is going a little overboard, now you are just trying to separate them from the team completely.

“Atlanta Flacons selected their red uniforms for the Super Bowl”

You are probably thinking, “Who cares?” or maybe, “I like their red uniforms.”  However, this is bigger than anyone has ever fathomed.  This is a popular headline, because the last time a team won with their color uniforms was 2011 when the Packers beat the Steelers.  The media makes it sound like this is what determines the Super Bowl, it definitely cannot be the talent a team has, or coaching, it is based on their uniforms, but you never know, the Falcons might trail-blaze the home uniforms being the preferred choice in the Super Bowl.

Well, there you have it, fellow Sports Reaction’ists.  Sunday is the Pro Bowl, so you may want to see, or you may not.  There is a lot of buzz happening in sports this time of year, which is exciting, and remember, be the best sports fan that you can be.

What do you think?  Comment below on what your thoughts are about the Pro Bowl, and if you like Sports Reaction, click the follow button.


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