Rex, the Analyst? Sports Headlines Reaction 1/30/17

A lot can happen over a weekend, whether it was big events or just partying, it is different from person to person.  However, what is not different from person to person is Mondays. Monday’s are always ruff, and tiresome, but sometimes, headlines add or take away from your Mondays.  Here is this weekends headlines…


“AFC won 20-13 over the NFC in the Pro Bowl”

The score was low, and close.  This never seems to happen in the Pro Bowl, yet this year, it was.  Still, the defense did not hit hard, and the receivers did not juke, but the Pro Bowl did the best it could do.  However, the skills challenge really stole the spotlight this year.

“Cleveland Indians working on solution for Chief Wahoo”

This is my opinion.  Yes, some people might be offended by Chief Wahoo, but come on, it is just a logo.  I do not want the Indians to have to change a whole lot of things, just because they have a logo that is an Indian, I do wonder what they will come up with.

“Curry misses first game this season, Warriors are victorious”

Curry does not miss very many games, but he did, and the Warriors won.  This is why it benefits the Warriors to have KD, so that he might be able to hold down the fort if Curry cannot play.  Hopefully, Curry comes back to the Warriors next game.

“Kansas beats Kentucky 79-73”

The most anticipated college game of the weekend, the Kansas vs. Kentucky game did not disappoint (unless you are a wildcat fan).  It was a game that was low scoring, and both teams were playing physical.  Kansas can from behind and held the lead at the end, this was a great game, if you have not seen it, watch the highlights.

“Rex Ryan will be an analyst for Super Bowl LI”

Well, this is a shocker.  Now, in the booth you have NFL greats like Jon Gruden, Troy Aikmen, Tony Dungy, and…Rex Ryan.  Not that there is anything wrong with Ryan, he just is not the type of person you would think would be an analyst, plus, he is a little strange.  I guess we will see how this ends out, maybe he will be the next great analyst, but most likely not.

Now that you know what I think, I would love to know what you think, fellow Sports Reaction’ists, so comment below your thoughts, and remember, be the best sports fan you can be.

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