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Franchise Tag Bonanza: Sports Headlines Reactions 2/27/17

This is a hectic time for the sports world.  The NBA is in full stride, March Madness is arriving and the NFL free agency is beginning.  Trying to decipher all of  the sports news can be difficult, and is always tiresome.  There are many different reactions that people have to sports, whether it is joy, sadness or confusion (like the Oscar’s Best Picture). 

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Busch Wins the Daytona 500

Daytona is by far the most esteemed race event that happens.  The Daytona 500 is always competitive, and this year was no different.  Before the race started, Jimmie Johnson was considered one of the favorites to win, which would have given him the record.  Kurt Busch was not a name that came up very often when considering who was going to win.  Busch had never won, and many thought that his streak of not winning the Daytona 500 would continue.

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We will be the toughest: Sports Headlines Reactions 2/24/17

It is the start of the weekend, and many things have happened.  The NBA trade deadline, NFL offseason, NCAAM regular season is ending, etc.  There is plenty of headlines in the sports world, whether it is basketball to football to baseball.  Sports fans of every sport can, and will react to various headlines.  Maybe a player said something controversial, or your favorite player has an injury.  Never the less, here are the top headlines worth reacting to.

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Analyzing the Chicago Bulls-Oklahoma City Thunder Trade

The Chicago Bulls and the Oklahoma City Thunder have finalized a trade.  The Bulls are sending Doug McDermott, Taj Gibson and a 2018 second round pick for the Thunders Cameron Payne, Joffrey Lauvergne, and Andrew Morrow.  There is a lot of moving parts in this trade, and the more players involved in a trade, the harder it is to analyze.  Here is a quick and useful analysis of this trade.

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