Gronkowski not vital? Sports Headlines Reactions 2/3/17: Super Bowl Weekend Edition

Two days, and one of the largest sports events will take place.  Since this happens only once a year, we have decided to dedicate today’s Headline Reactions for the Super Bowl weekend (which includes the NFL honors).   If you are a NFL fan, or any sports fan in general, you know that this week brings very controversial headlines.

“Only 27% of Americans are rooting for the Patriots”

This is sort of surprising.  Even though most probably assumed that the majority of Americans do not like the Patriots, this just shows how many people really hate the Patriots.  Sports fans do not like dynasty’s that much, especially when they beat your team.  Not surprising, but more drastic than many expected.  Seems like Boston is the only fans rooting for the Patriots.

“Is Gronkowski not needed if Patriots win”

If Patriots do win, Gronk would be a luxury, not a necessity.  Gronk is one of the best tight ends in the NFL, but this would prove that Brady can win with whoever he has.  The problem for Gronkowski is that Belichick is known for cycling through players, and Gronk would bring a high price if Belichick wanted to trade him.  Belichick could trade Gronk, keep Bennett, and it would probably benefit the Patriots.

“Pat McAfee Retires”

This is not the Super Bowl, but it was so shocking that it had to be one of the points.  McAfee was one of the best punters and he retired prematurely.  Now the Colts have to look for punter this offseason.  McAfee will be considered a great punter who could of played longer if he had desired so.

“Roger Goodell says that he is not avoiding the Patriots”

That is not true, Goodell.  No one can blame Goodell for avoiding the Patriots, it would be an uncomfortable situation.  The last couple years have been ruff for the relations between the commissioner and the Patriots.  But come on, Goodell.  At least admit that the situation is not smooth and sweet with the Patriots.  Goodell saying that the situation is happy dandy makes Goodell look worse, no wonder the average sports fan dislikes Goodell.

“Kyle Shanahan’s last game with the Falcons”

This is almost 100% true.  Shanahan will most likely become the head coach with the 49ers.  If the Falcons can beat the Patriots in Super Bowl LI, this would help Shanahan’s resume.  Shanahan is in the same situation that Dan Quinn was when he left the Seahawks.  Both coordinated some of the best offenses (or defenses) and both made it to the Super Bowl and both left their respective teams after they played against the Patriots in the Super Bowl, coincidence?  I think not.

Well, there you have it, fellow Sports Reaction’ists.  Enjoy the Super Bowl, and remember, be the best sports fan you can be.

What do you think?  Comment below your thoughts and opinions below and if you like Sports Reaction, click the follow button.



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