Keeping the Love: Why the Cavaliers should keep Kevin Love

Recent trade rumors have spiced up, especially between the “not-getting-younger” Carmelo Anthony and the “quickly slumping” Cavaliers.  Anthony, who has a 22.9 points per game average, would give the Cavaliers a scoring dynamic that Love does not.  Many people believe that this would benefit the Cavaliers, and that Love would be worth to trade away to add more points to the score board.  However, this would be a mistake for the Cavaliers to do.  There are many reasons for the Cavaliers to keep Kevin Love, but these three are the main reasons.

Points per Game Difference

Everyone is talking about how Anthony would boost the score total for the Cavaliers, which is the primary reason for any trade.  Yes, Anthony has scored 22.9 points per game, but that is not a large difference from Kevin Love’s points, which is 20.4.  The Cavaliers would not benefit that much by trading away Love just to get an extra 2.5 points per game.

Love vital in another area

Kevin Love may not score more points than Anthony, neither does he have as many assists.  However, the Cavaliers already score plenty of points with LeBron James on the team.  What Love provides that Anthony does not, is rebounds.  Love averages 11.1 rebounds per game, while Anthony only averages only averages 6 rebounds per game.  Anthony would not provide what the Cavaliers need, which is someone who can rebound the ball, so that James has more chances to score.

Brighter future for Love than Anthony

Love is younger, Anthony is older.  Love is 28 years old and Anthony is 32 years old, a 4 year age gap.  Also, Anthony is performing below his career average in points per game, assists and rebounds.  While Love is performing above his point average, actually, Love is having the highest points per game this season since Love has been with the Cavaliers.  Love is playing better ball, while Anthony is on the decline.

With those three key points, this proves that a trade for Anthony would be a mistake.  The Cavaliers have said that the trade will not happen, which is beneficial for Cleveland.

Well, there you have it, fellow Sports Reaction’ists, and remember, be the best sports fan you can be.

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