Blair Walsh Given Second Chance? Sports Headlines Reactions 2/10/17

The sports world is heading into the weekend, and it is not slowing down.  The NBA season is in full throttle, and so is college basketball.  Football is over, but that did not stop the headlines from coming out.  The headlines this Friday were all over the place.  Some were about former players getting arrested, to records being broken to even the most criticized kicker being signed.  These are my reactions to the headlines, but comment below on your reactions also.  Here are some of the most controversial, strange or shocking headlines in sports.

“Former Knicks player Charles Oakley gets arrested at game”

Oakley was mad, but still.  If a former player on your team came and got arrested, you would probably have less respect for that player.  Oakley getting arrested did not affect the Knicks, or the game for that matter.  This hurt Oakley’s reputation, then the reputation of the Knicks.

“Seattle Seahawks sign kicker Blair Walsh”

You are probably wondering why the Seahawks would sign Walsh when they have Steven Hauschka.  The problem for Seattle is that Hauschka is a unrestricted free agent, and various teams are in need of a kicker.  Walsh may not be the answer for the Seahawks, Walsh has received a lot of criticism, especially after the miss game-winning field goal in last years playoff game, against the Seahawks.

“Russell Westbrook gets 26th triple-double of season”

Westbrook got his 26th triple-double this season against the Cleveland Cavaliers, which makes him tied for third all-time for triple-doubles in a season.  Westbrook will most likely pass Wilt Chamberlain for second all time in triple-doubles in a season.  Westbrook would have to get 16 triple-doubles to break Oscar Robinson’s record of 41.  This would be difficult (16 triple-doubles in 28 games) but it is not impossible.

“10UCLA beats 4Oregon in comeback win”

UCLA is good, but now they are really good.  This is one of the most impressive wins for UCLA and this should boost their ranking into the top 8.  Oregon was ahead, but lost it at the end, so they should not lose much standing.  UCLA is starting to look like one of the top contenders for the Title.

“Carson Palmer is excited to comeback with the Cardinals in 2017”

Palmer has been talking about retiring, especially after a disappointing season for him and the Cardinals.  However, Palmer has said he will be returning and is excited to get back to action.  Palmer is 37, so he does not have long to win a ring. The Cardinals have the talent to win the Super Bowl, but there window is not large.  Palmer will have to perform better than last season if he wants to hold the Lombardi.

Well, there is my reactions, fellow Sports Reaction’ists, and remember, be the best sports fan you can be.

What do you think?  Comment below your thoughts and reactions, and if you like Sports Reaction, click the follow button.

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