Did Kevin Durant Hurt his Legacy by Signing with the Warriors?

Kevin Durant is one of the leagues’ most esteemed players, and deservedly so.  KD has received many awards and records over the years, and he has done so mostly through the blue and orange uniform of the Thunder.  One of the achievements that has held KD back from solidifying his legacy in the NBA, is a NBA Final win.  In Durant’s 8 years in Oklahoma, he and his team never made it to the top.  Then Durant decided to signed with the Warriors before the 2016-17 season.  It is obvious that Durant is now searching for the one thing that will complete his legacy, a championship.  But with great action, comes great responsibility.  Thunder fans have felt betrayed by the one player that has kept the Thunder a consistent team all of these years.  However, did KD’s move to the Warriors help or hinder his legacy?

Before we analyze if Durant will cement his legacy or not, we need to look at what his legacy is.  Durant started his NBA career in Seattle, which is where the Thunder branched from.  Durant got NBA rookie of the year, and averaged 20.3 points per game.  Then the franchise moved to Oklahoma City, and the Thunder were born.  Since then, Kevin Durant has averaged 27.3 points per game, and was selected to the all-star every year since 2010.  Also, KD lead the league in scoring 4 times, 3 times consecutively (which has been achieved only 7 times).  Durant also scored 25+ points in 41 straight games (which is second all time, only second to Wilt Chamberlain).  Durant has been a consistent and steady giant, talented, but also plays smart, and steadily.  Durant played 8 years with the Thunder, 7 of those he played 70 games or more.  However, he has not won a championship, so he went to the Warriors, a heavy favorite to win a Final.

Everyone knows the reason KD went to the Warriors, simply to complete his NBA resume’.  Yes, a championship does signify a legacy, and Durant did not have one.  But a legacy is defined by how a player is seen by the public.  Right now, no one denies his consistency, but now his loyalty is questioned.  With Durant playing for the Warriors, it makes him look like a gold-digger.  Yes, he was loyal to the Thunder for years, but this close to the end, it makes it look like he quit on his team.  KD traded his loyal,  and “face-of-the-franchise” image, just so he could win a championship.  So Durant traded one part of his legacy, to try achieve another.

Kevin Durant’s legacy is resilient, and great.  However, his legacy has lost some of its value, it looks like he could not take a team to the Final by himself, but needs other players to perform to make it.  Durant’s legacy is cemented, but he still has some of it that is going to be depicted in the coming years.  It would seem that for the moment, Durant’s venture with the Warriors is hindering his legacy, at least for Thunder fans.  Well, there you have it, fellow Sports Reaction’ists, and remember, be the best sports fan you can be.

What do you think?  Comment below your thoughts and opinions about Kevin Durant’s legacy, and if you like Sports Reaction, click the follow button.


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