NFL Free Agency Dreams

We all dream about certain players being signed to a certain team.  Discovering a new team is always hard for a player, but a team can benefit, and sometimes the player does too.  This year, there are plenty of free agents that will be looking for teams to sign with, and these are just a few of the dream signings that these players should do.

Tony Romo signs with the Texans

I know that Tony Romo is technically not a free agent, but he sure is going some where else.  This is a perfect fit for Tony Romo, and the Texans.  Romo would have a good running back, a large receiver to throw to, an elite defense, and Romo would stay in Texas.  Romo could depend on Miller to do the running game, but still would have a weapon with DeAndre Hopkins, and young receiver Will Fuller.  This could put the Texans as a legitimate Super Bowl contender.  However, the Texans are still under a large contract with Osweiler, so they would have to make a lot of room to add Romo to the team.

Kirk Cousins signs with the Browns

Everyone knows that Cousins will most likely be in the red, yellow and white uniform of the Redskins, but that does not stop me from dreaming.  Cousins would be with a team that needs help drastically.  However, they have a good enough offensive line, a receiver or two (depending on Pryor, of course) that he can throw to.  Cousins has a similar game play to Andy Dalton, not exactly the same, but they both would be successful in the same system.  Hue Jackson was the offensive coordinator for the Bengals, and he would love to have Cousins under center.

Alshon Jeffery signs with the Titans

Jeffery got a suspension last season, so his value will drop a bit.  Meaning, that the Bears will be less likely to slap him with a franchise tag again.  This opens him up to a large market, and no team needs a star wide receiver more than the Titans.  If the Titans landed Jeffery, that offense would become one of the best in the league.  Having Mariota under center, Murray running, a great tight end and adding Jeffery would make for a great offense.  The Titans were 9-7 last season, but with Jeffery, they might win two or three more games.

Well, there are my free agency dreams, fellow Sports Reaction’ists.  I apologize for not posting recently, I have been in Tennessee this week.  But remember, always be the best sports fan you can be.

What do you think?  Comment below your opinions and predictions about free agency, and if you like Sports Reaction, click the follow button.


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