Analyzing the Chicago Bulls-Oklahoma City Thunder Trade

The Chicago Bulls and the Oklahoma City Thunder have finalized a trade.  The Bulls are sending Doug McDermott, Taj Gibson and a 2018 second round pick for the Thunders Cameron Payne, Joffrey Lauvergne, and Andrew Morrow.  There is a lot of moving parts in this trade, and the more players involved in a trade, the harder it is to analyze.  Here is a quick and useful analysis of this trade.

Meet the Players

There is a lot of players, and none of these players are big name players like LeBron, Curry and Cousins.  Lets quickly analyze this players…

Chicago Bulls: Doug McDermott is a 25 year old Small Forward, has a 10.2 PPG for the season.  Taj Gibson is a 31 year old Power Forward, has a 11.6 PPG for the season.

Oklahoma City Thunder: Cameron Payne is a 22 year old Point Guard, has a 5.3 PPG for the season.  Joffrey Lauvergne is a 25 year old Center, has a 5.7 PPG for the season.  Anthony Morrow is a 31 year old Shooting Guard, has a 5.8 PPG for the season.

How the Chicago Bulls benefit

The Bulls definitely are looking towards the future.  The Bulls are looking for new, young players.  All of the players they are obtaining have a sub 6 PPG average.  Two of the players are 25 or younger, and could become better than the players they sent.  Anthony Morrow, who is 31, was good in his prime and the Bulls are hoping he has a season or two left in the tank. The main goal for the Bulls was new, young blood and they achieved it.

How the Oklahoma City Thunder benefit

Oklahoma are looking for the short term.  They obtained McDermott, Gibson and a second round pick.  Both McDermott and Gibson have better statistics than any of the players the Thunder sent.  McDermott is a young Small Forward that will benefit the Thunder well, and could become a vital piece of the team.  Gibson is not getting any younger, but has the best statistics of any of the players involved in the trade.  Gibson will mostly be used as a teacher for the younger players, but still can score some points.  Add in the second round pick and the Thunder are in prime position.

After a quick analysis of each player, and looking at how each team will benefit, it would seem that currently, the Thunder received the better end of the dealer, but only time will tell if this was a good trade for either team.

Well, there you have it, fellow Sports Reaction’ists, and remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be.

What do you think?  Comment below your thoughts, and opinions on this trade, and if you like Sports Reaction, click the follow button.

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