We will be the toughest: Sports Headlines Reactions 2/24/17

It is the start of the weekend, and many things have happened.  The NBA trade deadline, NFL offseason, NCAAM regular season is ending, etc.  There is plenty of headlines in the sports world, whether it is basketball to football to baseball.  Sports fans of every sport can, and will react to various headlines.  Maybe a player said something controversial, or your favorite player has an injury.  Never the less, here are the top headlines worth reacting to.

“Kansas Jayhawks men’s basketball team clinches Big 12 Title”

Congrats to the Jayhawks for tying a record with UCLA for titles.  Bill self has poured his heart and soul into this college, and he has reaped the benefits of his hard work.  Now, if Kansas can win another title, Bill Self would move up the rankings of best college coaches of all-time, and you never know, he could end his career near the top.

“Tom Coughlin says that Jaguars need to be tougher”

Everyone knows that Coughlin will be aggressive and fast-paced to turn this organization into a winning franchise.  Coughlin wants the Jaguars to be tougher, which is a fair observation.  The Jaguars need to be physical, more firm than they have ever before.  If you do not have a lot of talent on a team, then replace it with being the most physical and mentally prepared team.

“Cousins says trade ‘was a coward move'”

Cousins has a right to be mad, but he should not be mad for too long.  We have seen players have rivalries with their former teams, and they use their angry as a benefactor, not a hindrance.  As long as Cousins does not allow it to go to his head, he should be fine.  However, it might be better for him in the future to restrain from insulting other organizations.

“Josh Hamilton believes that he will bounceback from injury”

The Rangers have been patient with Hamilton.  Hamilton has had injuries, and is aging.  He is 35 years old, and his career in baseball is dwindling.  We have seen multiple examples of how players have talent, but they just cannot stay healthy.  With the injuries and the old age, Hamilton has a small window to return, and the sooner, the better.

Gronk confident that he will be back for 2017 season”

Rob Gronkowski is many things, whether he is a partyer or a freak of nature.  One thing that Gronk definitely does not lack in is confidence.  He knows that he is the best, and he believes that no feat is to big for him.  Gronk had his 3rd surgery, and for many, this would be a career ender.  However, knowing Gronk, he will return.  But the question is if he will return as the same “powerful force” that he once was.

Well, there you have it, fellow Sports Reaction’ists, and remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be.

What do you think?  Comment below your thoughts and reactions, and if you like Sports Reaction, click the follow button.




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