New Hope for Lacy: NFL Free Agency Dreams #2

Well, the NFL never rests, and that includes the offseason.  Players are being cut, some are being inked for contracts.  However, there are a lot of free agents that would benefit by signing with a specific team (or the team would benefit).  I wrote about various free agency signings that should happen, but there is no limit to ones dreams and hopes.  That is why a second article was needed.

Eddie Lacy to the Detroit Lions

I know that Lacy has gotten a lot of heat, since he has not matched his expectations.  However, if Lacy came back like the running back that he once was (and a few pounds lighter), he would make the Lions offense one of the best in the league.  Since the Lions offense is not balanced, and definitely leans on the passing game, this would be a perfect fit for the Lions.

A.J. Bouye to the New Orleans Saints

The Saints were terrible at defense last year, but they were really bad against the pass.  So, Bouye would benefit the Saints incredibly.  He is 25, and has not had the experience that a lot of top corners have, but he is consistently viewed as the best corner available, and I am not arguing.  Bouye would give the Saints a great corner, not just for the sort term, but also for the long run.  Bouye could become the face of their defense.

Andrew Whitworth to the Carolina Panthers

Whitworth is by far the best lineman to hit free agency, the only hiccup is that he is 35.  However, he has shown that he is capable of player the position for a few more seasons and the Panthers are desperate for a tackle.  If the Panthers got Whitworth, then they could draft a tackle in the mid-rounds and have Whitworth train the draftee.  Never the less, this would benefit Cam and Ron Rivera in a much needed position.

Mike Glennon to the New York Giants

Yes, Glennon has only had 18 starts under his belt, but that is why he should sign with the Giants.  Eli Manning will play for a season or two, then Glennon could take over.  The Giants need to start to think about the long term at the quarterback position.  Manning is deteriorating and Glennon is a tall, passing quarterback like Manning.  This would be a move that would benefit the Giants, and Glennon in the long term.

Well, there you have it, fellow Sports Reaction’ists, and remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be.

What do you think?  Comment below your thoughts and hopes, and if you like Sports Reaction, click the follow button.

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