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Are the Warriors back? Sports Headlines Reactions 3/30/17

March is ending, and the beginning of April is right around the corner.  The sports world never slows down, with NCAA being in full throttle, but the NBA and the NFL have been making the headlines also.  Are we seeing history being made in the NBA?  Is Richard Sherman about to get a new home?  Who knows, but that is what was in the headlines this week in the world of sports.

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Heading into March Madness, is there no Clear Number One?

March Madness is some sports fans holiday, for others, it is a chance to test their statistical skills. Most of the time, there is a team that reaches an expectation of winning the Final. However, this season, every team is seen as vulnerable. Gonzaga lost its last game of the season, Kansas lost to TCU in the Big 12 Playoffs, Villanova has had devastating losses, and UCLA lost to Arizona. Is there no clear frontrunner?

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Can Tim Tebow Make it to the Majors?

Some people like him, so do not.  I am closer to the “like” side myself, but does Tebow, the sometimes controversial player, make it to the majors?  Well, that is the million-dollar question, and for many, the answer would be no.  However, is their any glimmer of chance, and sliver of hope?  There is always hope, and Tim Tebow definitely is going to play a part with the Mets, maybe in ways that are a little different then usual.

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Can Another Team in the NBA Overtake the Warriors?

The Golden State Warriors has been struck with a dose of reality.  They are not the same team without Kevin Durant.  Some say that it is only a matter of time until they get their rhythm back.  Others say that it is a gapping hole, and that it will not be easy to fill.  The Warriors cannot completely lose their touch, since they still have important players still on the field, but losing an all-star is definitely a huge issue, and will another team take advantage of the situation?

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