Top Ten Current Quarterbacks in the NFL: 10-6

We all love rankings.  We like to see if our favorite player will be praised, or diminished.  Since it is the offseason in the NFL, it is a perfect time to see which Quarterbacks are the best in the NFL.  Of course we are talking about current NFL players, not retired players.  Lets look at 10-6, and see who is some of the best Quarterbacks in the NFL today.

10: Philip Rivers

Philip Rivers is one of the best quarterbacks that has not made an appearance at the Super Bowl.  Rivers has had some problems in the past, but he has done more than most players could do with the players he has.  If Allan can stay healthy, and Melvin Gordon can continue to rush the ball like he did last season, it may not be long before a trip for the Super Bowl is in store for Rivers.

9: Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck had a great year, but he has been plagued with injuries throughout his young career.  If Luck can stay healthy next season, and get his team back into the playoffs, he will definitely move up in the rankings.  Luck threw over 30 touchdowns and 4,000 yards last season.  His statistics are great, now it is time to see how sustainable and successful Luck can continue to be.

8: Cam Newton 

Cam Newton had a rough year.  A really, really rough year.  Newton and the Panthers did not even win half of their games.  Newton threw only 19 touchdowns and passed 14 interceptions.  Newton is ranked above Luck, because Cam has a better track record and has been to the Super Bowl.  Newton may benefit from a better offensive line.

 7: Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson also had a not amazing year.  He threw only for 21 touchdowns and had 11 interceptions.  Wilson just had a few hurdles this year, but he has one of the best track records for a quarterback his age.  Wilson has plenty of experience, he has been to two super bowls, winning one, and almost another.  Wilson may of had a slump, but he still has the dependability to be ranked 7th.

6: Derek Carr

Derek Carr had a breakout year, and would have been league MVP and maybe even had a trip to the Super Bowl if he had not gotten injured.  Carr passed for 28 touchdowns and had an impressive 6 interceptions, even though he missed some time.  Next year hopfully will end better for Carr and the Raiders, who have shown that they can compete for a Super Bowl.  Carr has a successful career ahead of him.

Well, there is the 10th through 6th ranked quarterbacks in the league, fellow Sports Reaction’ists, and remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be.

What do you think?  Comment below your thoughts and opinions on the top quarterbacks, and if you like Sports Reaction, click the follow button.


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