Can Tim Tebow Make it to the Majors?

Some people like him, so do not.  I am closer to the “like” side myself, but does Tebow, the sometimes controversial player, make it to the majors?  Well, that is the million-dollar question, and for many, the answer would be no.  However, is their any glimmer of chance, and sliver of hope?  There is always hope, and Tim Tebow definitely is going to play a part with the Mets, maybe in ways that are a little different then usual.

Tebow is 6 foot, 3 inches, 250 pounds, and is plenty athletic.  If we were going by physical strength alone, Tebow would be a prime prospect.  We have seen him hit plenty of home runs in practice, so we know he has the power.  The main issue may be transferring that talent into a real game, against very talented pitchers and players.  Tebow has been in the spotlight in the past, so it seems hard to imagine him getting nervous.  However, Tebow knows that this is his last chance at a major league sport, so that might raise his nervousness and intensity just a little.

Tebow’s biggest obstacle in baseball may just be technique, and baseball I.Q.  He has not played baseball for along time, and he will be behind his teammates in these area’s.  Since Tebow is 29, he will have to learn quickly, and efficiently.  This will prove to be difficult.  Not saying that it is impossible, but learning smarts and technique is probably one of the most difficult, and time-taking tasks in baseball.

Even though Tim Tebow may be behind in baseball smarts, and form, he could be serving a different purpose for the Mets.  Tebow is one of the most loved (or hated) sports celebrities.  People will come to games just to see Tebow.  His jersey is going to be sold a lot, and the Mets fan base  will get bigger.  Maybe Tebow will not start, or play in a game, but as long as he wears a Mets jersey, and plays in some spring-training games, the money will come in.  Tebow might be a money maker for the Mets, and paying his salary (as long as the Mets gain more cash through sales, and profits of Tebow-mania) will be worth it to the Mets.

Does Tim Tebow have a shot at the Majors?  Who knows, maybe, with some luck he could.  However, the Mets will be perfectly happy with Tebow staying where he is, as long as the reap the profits of Tebow fans.

Well, there you have it, fellow Sports Reaction’ists, and remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be.

What do you think?  Comment below your thoughts, and predictions on Tebow, and if you like Sports Reaction, click the follow button.


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