Villanova Eliminated from NCAAM Tournament

March Madness is impossible to predict, and this year has not changed a bit.  Early, I wrote about there being no clear number one this year in March Madness, and about how every team is vulnerable to loss.  And that was all, but proven when one of the top seeds is now eliminated.  Villanova, who won the Tournament last year, lost to Wisconsin.

The game was a close one the whole time.  Wisconsin lead early on, but about half-way in the second half, it looked like Villanova was going to comeback, which they did, for a while.  Villanova overtook Wisconsin, and held a small lead.  But a game is never over until it is over, and Wisconsin proved that.  Wisconsin scored close to the end, and ended up on top.

Wisconsin is a good team, and has a good chance of making a run in March Madness.  Wisconsin has had a history of success, and this year could be the same.  One of the most important things in March Madness is momentum.  Since a team plays 6, maybe 7 games at most, a team can use whatever momentum to get motivated, and if Wisconsin is not feeling like they are on top of the world, then I do not know if they ever will.  However, Villanova will go back home, falling short of expectations.  However, like I said before, no one should consider any team as a top runner for the championship this year, not even the top seeds.

Well, there you have it, fellow Sports Reactionists, and remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be.

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