The Effects of Tony Romo’s Retirement

Some loved him, others hated him, most made snarky remarks about his durability, and clutch-ability.  Tony Romo was one of the most teased and criticized quarterbacks in recent history.  He was in the league for 14 seasons, and has decided to hang up the number 9 jersey to pursue a career in the studio.

Tony Romo had 248 passing touchdowns in his career and over 34,000 passing yards.  Tony Romo has many statistical achievements, passing for over 30 touchdowns in a season multiple times, and passing over 4,000 yards in a season on various times as well.  Statistically, Romo has had many successes, however, where Romo does lack is a ring.  Romo never made it to the big game, and never got the Super Bowl that previous Cowboy quarterback greats had in the past.  Romo was a good quarterback, but his career could be overshadowed by the success of other greats within the franchise.

Tony Romo’s Legacy Effected

Tony Romo made one of the biggest decisions in his life, and his legacy will definitely be effected.  Romo was seen as a good quarterback, no one doubted that Romo had talent.  However, sometimes his mental game was taken into question.  Romo got a reputation for choking.  Most of the criticism against Romo was overblown or exaggerated.  Mainly, because Romo was the quarterback of “America’s” team.  The Cowboys always get high publicity, and any mistake that Romo made was projected across the nation at high intensity.  Romo had a good career, better than most quarterbacks in the NFL.  The great debate will be if Romo deserves a place in Canton.  The main gap in Romo getting a bust is his lack of a Super Bowl.  However, Romo still has a chance to be inducted down the road.  Only time will tell.

Teams are Effected

The league will be affected, mainly the teams that were searching for a short-term pro bowler.  The Texans now have to start thinking about making a move in free agency, or drafting a quarterback.  The Texans have already ditched Osweiler, and has no one to fill the spot.  So some teams that were searching for Romo are definitely effected by the abruptness of Romo’s retirement.

The Great Debate is Effected

The Romo situation is now more fuel onto the fire of the debate of “Statistics vs. Super Bowls”.  The debate has been around for a while on whether a player’s stats or wins are more important.  Romo is an example of a player with statistics, but is lacking the playoff success.  Romo had talent, but no breakthrough and the great debate will now come full around and will be discussed throughout the offseason.

Well, there you have it, fellow Sports Reactionists, and remember, be the best sports fan that you can possible be.

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