Another Warriors vs. Cavaliers Rematch would be Bad for the NBA

The NBA playoffs…A time where we make predictions, and projections on who is going to make it to the Finals.  At least, that is what the NBA playoffs used to be.  Now, it is about how well the Warriors dominate to get to the Finals, and if there is a slim chance that the Cavaliers do not make it.  I recently saw an article on ESPN on whether the Warriors could sweep their way to the Finals.

I am not the only one who see’s the problem that is happening in the NBA.  The playoffs have gotten way too predictable.  Almost everyone thinks that the Warriors are making it, and the Cavaliers are the top dog to see them in the Finals.  Yes, this could be portrayed as “Rematch No. 3”, but who really cares?  Yes, LeBron is good, and Curry is good, but we have seen them in the Finals for the past two years, and I am not wishing for a third straight appearance by both teams.

People complain about the NFL being too predictable, and that the Patriots always win.  Now, the situation is even worse in the NBA.  At least the Patriots have not gone against the same opponents for two straight years, and maybe a third.  There is only so many storylines that can be run when you have the same recurring teams in the Finals.  The only thing that is different this time for the Warriors is KD, which is a big storyline, but that still does not provoke me to want another rematch of 2016 and 2015.

You can tell that sports fans are starting to get tired of the recurring teams in the NBA.  One of the reasons why sports fans (which includes me) love sports is because of the unpredictability.  We love the story of the underdog, or when a team fly’s under the radar.  Why do you think that the majority of the world was rooting for the Falcons in the Super Bowl (sorry Patriots fans, but it is true)?  It was because the fans wanted something different.  We already know what it is like for the Patriots to win, but not with the Falcons.  People were rooting for change, and for a team to break against the normal predictability of a Patriots win.  Sports fans crave change, and uniqueness, and the NBA is killing the passion of sports fans everywhere.

Now, if you are a Warriors fan, or a Cavaliers fan or LeBron fan, go ahead and root for your team.  If one of these teams make it, I am fine with it, but if both teams make it to the Finals for a third straight year, it could be a turning point for NBA and sports fans everywhere.  The sports fan is not the most patient breed of human beings, and if one sport is boring, we will move to the next.  A underdog, and new team needs to arrive this playoff season, not only for their city, but for the NBA, and for sports in general.

Well, there is my opinion, fellow Sports Reactionists, and remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be.

What do you think?  Comment below your thoughts, and opinions on the NBA playoffs, and if  you like Sports Reaction, click the follow button.


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