What’s More Likely: Sports Reaction

A main part of being an avid sports fans is to discuss, and compare certain players, and situations.  We, as sports fans, like to look at different situations that could go in separate directions, or could result the same way.  One of the most asked questions in the sports world is W.M.L, which is “What’s More Likely?”.  Lets analyze, and ask W.M.L in the sports world today.

What’s More Likely…Golden State loses 1 game in the Semi-finals or a Eastern Conference Semi-final series goes to game 7?

This one is difficult.  The Jazz is not a bad team, but they have a very likely chance to get swept.  Golden State is a team on a completely different level than the Jazz, and they will try their hardest to get the sweep.  On the other hand, the Cavaliers, and the Celtics have both won the first two games.  This means that either the Raptors or the Wizards are going to win at 3 of the next 4.  This seems really unlikely.  Maybe one of these series will go to a game 6, but definitely not a game 7.  I will take Golden State choking in a single game being more likely.

What’s More Likely…Marshawn Lynch Rushing for a 1,000 yards or Adrian Peterson rushing for a 1,000 yards?

Both of these running backs are old, coming off injuries (more or less), and haven’t played in a game for a long time.  Personally, I think it is more likely that neither of these running backs will not reach a 1,000 yards, but the question is “What’s More likely”.  Lynch is with the Raiders, and Peterson is with the Saints.  Peterson is going to have a hard time getting snaps away from Ingram.  Plus, the Saints pass a lot more than they run.  Lynch is by far the top candidate to be the top runner for the Raiders, and will get a slight majority of the attempts.  Also, the Raiders will run more than the Saints, so Lynch is by far tagged “W.M.L”.

What’s More Likely…An American League team or National League team ending the year with the best record?

In the MLB is incredibly hard to predict, especially since there is over a 130 games left in the season.  This is early to predict, but if you eliminate the bottom 20 teams from the discussion, and only consider the top 10 teams as legitimate contenders to have the most wins, that narrows the playing field.  Out of the top 10 teams, 6 are American League, and 4 are National League, which is still pretty narrowly divided.  However, it you narrow the playing field to the top 4 teams currently, it becomes a little more lopsided.  In the top 4, 3 are American league teams, and 1 team is from the National League.  With that shown, it looks like it will be more likely for an American League team to go through the season with the most wins.

Well, there you have it, fellow Sports Reactionists, and remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be.

What do you think?  Comment below your thoughts, and predictions on What’s More Likely in the world of sports.  If you like Sports Reaction, click the follow button,

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