What You Need to Know: NBA Conference Finals

The first game in the Western Conference is already in the books, and it definitely has raised the tension in the NBA playoffs.  The Celtics just squeezed out a game 7 win against the Wizards, and are competing for a spot in the NBA finals against the Cavaliers.  Here are some of the basics, heading into the Conference Final series.

“The Spurs are the toughest challenge for the Spurs, with Kawhi Leonard”

Yes, Golden State won the first game, but it definitely was not easy.  The Spurs were leading all the way, until Kawhi got knocked out.  Then the Warriors came back from behind, and beat the Kawhi-less Spurs.  Without Kawhi on the court, the Spurs are not the same team.  They are not completely horrible, but the Spurs do not have a chance, unless Kawhi is on the court.  With Kawhi, the Spurs actually could make it to the NBA Finals (and that should not be shocking).  Kawhi Leonard is doubtful for game 2, which is not a good situation for the Spurs.

“The Celtics need to start off fast”

Yes, the Celtics are underdogs.  However, they still have a chance.  The Cavaliers are well rested, and have the James.  The only advantage that the Celtics have is home-field advantage.  They will have the first two games, and the Celtics play better when in Boston.  This is an advantage that the Celtics NEED to build on.  If the Celtics can pull at least one game (two would be better) in the first two games in Boston, if would force a game five, meaning that the Celtics can get another home game.  Plus, by the time that game 5, 6, and 7 comes around, the Cavaliers extra energy would be depleted, and the Celtics, and Cavaliers would be more even, giving the Celtics a chance.

“A Warriors vs. Cavaliers rematch would be…the worst matchup”

Yes, I know, a Warriors vs. Cavaliers rematch is most likely, but that does not mean that I should want it.  The Cavaliers, and the Warriors have been to the Finals the past two seasons already, and a third would be devastating.  We have seen the previews, we have seen the matchups, the analysis, and the predictions of a Warriors vs. Cavaliers NBA final.  If the Spurs, or the Celtics can somehow pull off a conference win, it would benefit the entertainment of sports fans worldwide, and the NBA as a whole.  Click HERE if you want to read my full reaction of another rematch.

Well, there you have it, fellow Sports Reactionists, and remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be.

What do you think?  Comment below your thoughts, and opinions about the Conference Finals, and if you like Sports Reaction, click the follow button.



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