Monthly Archives: June 2017

Could Lonzo Ball be a Bust?

There has been a lot of discussion about Lonzo Ball, and his father this year. Whether it was about Lonzo not working out with other teams, or if his shoes were to expensive, or if his father should stay quiet. Lonzo Ball has been a roller coaster of controversy. However, did the Lakers pick a player who could be another bust for their franchise?

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How Every NFL Team could Win their Division: NFC North

Today is the first day of summer, my fellow Sports Reactionists. This is the time of year where people go outside, and play volleyball, go to the beach, and get a horrible sunburn. The NBA Finals has ended, and we are right in the middle of the MLB season, which means only a little less than a hundred games left to go. (Seriously, there are almost too many games in the MLB). However, even though the MLB season is still going, this is about the time when sports fans start to think about the National Football League.

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A New Hope for USMNT: Christian Pulisic

While some might consider soccer to be boring, or a waste of time, I have always liked the World Cup. It is kind of an important international sports event, and of course I want the grand ol’ Red, White, and Blue to do good. By Red, White, and Blue, I mean the United States of America, not France (sorry France). What can I say? I am born, and raised in the USA, so I have to be rooting for them.

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