A Long Stanley Cup Final Series? What’s More Likely #2

Congratulations, fellow Sports Reactionists!  We have made it halfway through the 2017 year.  This has been an interesting year in the sports world, and it is time for another W.M.L.  What’s More Likely.  These are only opinions, fellows, and I would like to hear predictions that you have for the sports world.  Here is more W.M.L’s.

What’s More Likely:  Warriors win in 5, or Cavaliers win?

The Warriors have been the overdogs (is that a word?) this NBA playoffs, and many think that it is very likely that they win.  However, many still consider that any team with LeBron always has a chance.  With that being said, the Cavaliers lost the first game handedly, so many think that the Warriors winning in 5 is reasonable.  However, I think that the Cavaliers will at least win two games, if not more.  So it would probably be more likely for the Cavaliers to win then for them to lose in 5.

What’s More Likely:  The 2017 Stanley Cup Final ending in 7, or ending in 6 or 5?

I may not be the biggest NHL fan in the world, but I went to Nashville this weekend, and seeing so many passionate fans made me decide to write about it.  The Penguins are definitely the favorites to come out on top, so I am not talking about who is more likely to win, but if a team could win it in 6 or 5, or if the Pred’s can hold off to game 7.  The Penguins are winning 2-1, but the overall score between the two teams is 10 goals by the Penguins, and 9 by the Pred’s.  Both teams have won, and both have a close score differential, so I will be the odd man out, and choose the game 7.

What’s More Likely:  Colin Kaepernick gets signed before any preseason games or Kaepernick starts season without team?

The whole Kaepernick situation is taking over the sports world, and the news world too.  It is like those game books “Where’s Waldo?” except it should be “Where Will Kaep’ Go?”.  People are questioning how someone like Brian Hoyer, or Mike Glenn can be signed, and Kaepernick, who has played in a Super Bowl, is not signed.  It is simple, teams do not want controversy, and what is more controversial then kneeling during our national anthem?  Nobody wants that.  Also, he will want to start, and he will not be content being a backup quarterback, which is where most teams would sign him.  So it is almost impossible to know what will happen, but with Pete Carrol (a strong advocate for Kaep’) hopping out on signing him, I think it could be after the season starts until Kaep’ gets a team.

Well, there you have it, fellow Sports Reactionist, and remember, be the best sports fan you can be.

What do you think?  Comment below on your thoughts and predictions, and if you like Sports Reaction, sign up for email notifications, or click the follow button.

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