A New Hope for USMNT: Christian Pulisic

While some might consider soccer to be boring, or a waste of time, I have always liked the World Cup.  It is kind of an important international sports event, and of course I want the grand ol’ Red, White, and Blue to do good.  By Red, White, and Blue, I mean the United States of America, not France (sorry France).  What can I say?  I am born, and raised in the USA, so I have to be rooting for them.  However, if any Sports Reactionist out there is rooting for another country or for their home country, I would expect nothing else.  Anyways, lets get to this “Pulisic” kid.

If you do not know already, the United States lacks in soccer (I am not calling it futbol, because I am an arrogant American).  We have not done well at it at all.  Countries like Germany, Poland, Argentina, and other countries that are not from North America are, on average, better than the USMNT.  We have had okay players in the past, but one of the only players to actually have any acclaim internationally is Howard, and he is aging, and is our goalie.  Anyways, we have had okay players, but not really any great players.  And with that, the USMNT has never topped the “okay” level on the soccer meter.  That may change.

So right now, the USMNT is playing in the World Cup qualifiers, and we have won two, and had a draw.  Which is better than what some expected, and the one player most responsible for that may be none other than…Christian Pulisic.  Who, you may be asking.  You loyal Sports Reactionists may have thought that Clint Dempsey or Graham Zusi or someone who is a big name on the mediocre USMNT would be responsible. But no.  It falls to a teenage kid who is new to the team.

Christian Pulisic is not just any teenager on the USMNT, he is the teenager on the USMNT that has either kicked or assisted two thirds of the total USMNT goals in the World Cup qualifiers.  Pulisic has been involved with 6 goals, whether that is kicking it in, or assisting it.  That is great, especially since the total goals that the USMNT has is 9.  But for all of the math whiz Sports Reactionists, they already new that.  He has been one of the best players for the USMNT in the qualifiers, and he is only 18.  Wow!

He was good when he was in Europe, and is especially good at breaking away from defenders.  Pulisic will be a name to remember when the World Cup comes around next year (assuming the USMNT makes it).  He is the hope that Americans have been looking for, and he has been feeding into that hope in the past few games.  Only time will tell if America has finally found their long awaited superstar.

There you have it, my fellow Sports Reactionists, and remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be.

What does the Sports Reaction community think?  Comment below your thoughts, and predictions about Pulisic, and comment on what you want me to write about next.  If you want to become a Sports Reactionist, sign up with your email or kick (or click) the follow button.

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