Could Lonzo Ball be a Bust?

There has been a lot of discussion about Lonzo Ball, and his father this year. Whether it was about Lonzo not working out with other teams, or if his shoes were to expensive, or if his father should stay quiet. Lonzo Ball has been a roller coaster of controversy. However, did the Lakers pick a player who could be another bust for their franchise?

What is a bust though?  There are multiple types, and Lonzo Ball fits in one of these categories.

The Injured Beaver

This bust is a very common one, perhaps the most common.  He has lots of talent, (or might not) and might be a perfect player…If he was not injured all of the time.  Whether it is an ACL, knee, wrist, or all of those at the same time, this player shows flashes of brilliance, but he never plays enough on the court.

The Transition King, (not) 

This type of bust is amazing in college, or high school.  They can score upon score upon rebound.  They are usually very talented, and have the statistics, and record to show it.  However, the pros is very different than school ball.  It is a lot faster, more physically demanding, and everyone is at an elite level (almost everyone, that is).  This player cannot make the transition from school ball to pro ball, and gets drowned out by the competition.

The Controversy Over loader  

This bust can be any of the players above, or even play well in the pros.  However, this bust is a bust because he puts a strain on a franchise, and hinders his team.  He has controversy wherever he goes, and has a spotlight on him.  He puts unnecessary pressure on himself, and his team.  The whole franchise can get distracted, and sometimes this bust is very demanding, and selfish.  That is, if he thinks he is a top player.

Now there are many different types of busts in all of professional sports, and those are just a few.  However, Lonzo Ball seemingly fits in one of these categories, so there should be flags of concern.  Here are some of the things that could mean Lonzo Ball becoming a bust.

1. Lonzo Ball brings a lot of spotlight

Lonzo easily fits into the last category.  No one doubts his talent, or that he can make the transition (although the transition is tough for everyone).  Lonzo has been the most talked about draftee this entire year.  Lonzo Ball has been mentioned more than any other player in the draft, and probably more than the other top 5 draftees put together.  He brings a lot of attention wherever he goes, which is not exactly a bad thing, in moderation.  However, now that the Lakers have drafted him, Lonzo is going to be talked about a lot, and an overload amount of spotlight will be put on the Lakers.  If the team does bad, everyone will know even more than last year.  This will put more strain on a team that cannot take much more strain.

2. The Lakers drafted Lavar Ball

Need I say much about Lavar Ball?  He is by far the most hated sports parent in the entire sports world in the moment, and he is now going to be beside the Lakers, every step of the way.  Lavar Ball brings even more spotlight, more controversy, more stress, and more strain on the Lakers.  Lavar could horrendously hurt the Lakers if he starts making opinions, and influencing play calls, the lineup, who he thinks his boy should have as a team mate this year, etc.  Lavar will also want his boy to get paid a lot whenever his contract comes up, and he can influence Lonzo to do almost anything.

3. Lonzo is stubborn, and confident

Some would say stubborn, and ignorant, but I would not go quite so far as of yet.  Lonzo has been very stubborn this year when it came to who he would work out with, who he would talk with, etc.  Lonzo wanted to go to the Lakers so badly, that he did not want to work out with any other teams.  This could be a sign of things to come.  If Lonzo Ball is stubborn enough to not meet with other teams, just because HE does not want to, what is stopping him from not cooperating with the Lakers if they do not sign a player HE wants, or if they do not offer him as much money as HE wants.  Stubbornness could be a bad thing for the Lakers.  Lonzo is confident, which you could say is not a bad thing, but he thinks that he is going to be the best of the best, right now.  That is not what you want.  The Lakers (and any team) wants some one who wants to be the best of the best, and will work towards that goal.  Right now, Lonzo has shoes that are making Jordan’s, and KD’s blush.  Not out of embarrassment for themselves, but by how much disrespect he has to the symbolism that a shoe has in the NBA.  Also, who would want to pay that much for a shoe when the player was just drafted a few days ago.

The Lakers are rebuilding, and with Magic Johnson they could do it.  However, Lonzo Ball could become a drain on the Lakers by bringing too much controversy, and pressure.  Lonzo has great talent, and could be the next best player, but all I am saying is that there is the possibility of him becoming a drain, and humongous bust for the Lakers.

But what do you say, fellow Sports Reactionists?  Comment below your thoughts and opinions on Lonzo Ball, and if you have not become a part of the Sports Reaction Nation, click the follow button.

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