Does Pacquiao Vs. Horn Prove Boxing is Rigged?

Boxing is usually a sport only talked about when their biggest stars are on the scene.  Whether it is Floyd Meriweather or McGregor…Boxing usually comes into the headlines every couple of months.  Well, here is boxing back at it again, and it is not back in the headlines in a good way.

Manny Pacquiao, longtime veteran, and considered to be one of the best, at least used to be.  Pac-man (that is what his nickname is, which is easier to write than his full name. Yes, I am lazy.)  Had not boxed for over 8 months up to his match with Horn.  I saw an interview on ESPN with Pac-Man, and they asked if he needed to K.O. Horn to be considered great once again.  However, it looks like Pac-Man may have had to K.O. Horn just to win the match, because the judges, and the boxing heads, seemed unfairly biased against Pac-Man.  Lets look at what happened, fellow Sports Reactionists.

  1. Pac-Man was the favorite to win.  Almost everyone thought that he was going to win.  Whether that was by K.O. or a 2-1 judges decision.  He went in as the favorite.
  2. The Boxing match was almost called at round 9.  Pac-Man was winning, and beating Horn so badly that they almost called the match, because Horn was getting beaten horrendously.  The match continued on, but nothing major happened in the last few rounds.
  3. Pac-Man landed more punches.  Pac-Man landed over 30% of his punches on horn.  While Horn landed around less than 20% of his punches.  Pac-Man definitely was performing better.

Then the judges voted for Horn.  All three of them.  Apparently they thought that landing more punches, and almost winning the match in 9 rounds was not enough for Pac-Man to win.  This has sparked outrage from many sports fans, and from sports players, from Aaron Rodgers saying boxing is a joke, and rigged, to Kobe Bryant posting a flabbergasting gif.  The sports world (from the view of normal fans, and players) are upset with the vote by the judges.  Their are various reporters who are calling this criticism “Unfair”, but when you have a boxer who is obviously better, landed more punches, and the refs almost pulled his opponent out in the 9th round, the criticism is plenty fair.

I do not know the full extent on whether this was rigged or not.  However, the criticism is fair, and it is important for the sports world, and Sports Reactionists everywhere to know what happened behind the scenes in this match.  Maybe nothing sketchy happened, but all we want is the truth.  Hopefully we will know more in the future, and remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be.

What do you think, fellow Sports Reactionists?  Comment below your thoughts, and opinions on whether this match had some form of rigging or not.  If you want to join the Sports Reaction Nation, and become a Sports Reactionist, click the follow button.

Photo source here.

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