Remember that Day, 241 Years ago.

241 years ago, July 4th.  The Declaration of Independence was signed.  This was an act by the American Colonies to demand their freedom.  Our Founding Fathers stood up to the oppression that the overpowering Great Britain (back in the day) had put on the colonies.  Whether it was unfair taxation, to restricting their natural rights as human beings, the British overstepped their bounds, and it resulted with the colonies, soon to be the United States of America, achieving independence.  There has been criticism of the Founding Fathers, about their lives, and how they were not perfect.  I understand their voices, and opinions.  Yes, the Founding Fathers were not perfect, no one is.  However, they gave their all, and sacrificed their lives, for the sake of the freedom of generations to come.  The Founding Fathers had their flaws, we cannot deny.  However, what is most important, is the fact that they, 241 years ago, came to the decision to start a new Nation.  A Nation, who also has its flaws, and imperfections, but has developed, and is continually developing into the best it can possibly be.  The United States of America may not be perfect, but hopefully we will work on our imperfections, and continue to be a Nation under God, indivisible with Liberty, and Justice for all.  Hopefully the United States of America has, and will continue to show courage, bravery, and hope… Just like our Founding Fathers once showed 241 years ago.

Be proud this 4th of July, and remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be.

Photo Source here.


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