How Every NFL Team could Win Their Division: AFC South

The AFC South has been the worst division in the NFL for a long time.  Fans rejoice when it is their teams turn to play this division, I even did.  However, this division is slowly becoming better.  The teams in this division are young, and talented, and it is one of the most competitive division for the 2017 season.  So how could these 4 teams win the AFC South.

Houston Texans

The Texans have been the division winners, ever since the Colts, and Andrew Luck have fallen back a little.  The Texans have a lot going for them.  They have J.J. Watt, and…um, they have J.J. Watt.  The Texans have had quarterback problems in the past, but they drafted DeShaun Watson from Clemson.  If Watson can be the quarterback that they need him to be, this team will definitely run away with the division.

WHAT IS NEEDED TO WIN: The Texans need a quarterback that is at least worthy of being a starter.  Last year, Osweiler held the team back, yet they still won the division.  Watt will be back, and their defense has been playing at an elite level for a few seasons, and they need that to continue.  As long as their defense continues their domination, and they can continue running the ball, and have decent quarterback play, they can take this division.

Indianapolis Colts

The Colts have had a couple of hard seasons, but they still hold promise.  They have Andrew Luck, who when healthy, can play at an elite level, and they paid him for that.  Frank Gore has been able to hold the rushing attack, and T.Y. Hilton at wide out has been successful.  The Colts offense is debatably the best in the division, but it is their defense that needs to hold its own.

WHAT IS NEEDED TO WIN: The offense needs to limit its injuries (a.k.a Andrew Luck), and Gore needs to keep the rushing attack alive, which will help relieve Luck from getting hit so often (a.k.a less injuries).  The Colts need a solid number 2 receiver for Luck to throw to, whether it is a wide out or Jack Doyle.  The defense needs to slow the speed of offenses, so that the Colts can keep the offense balanced, instead of having to pass so often.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars have had a few bad seasons, but I still have confidence in them.  Everyone has accused, sentenced, and executed Blake Bortles as being a horrible quarterback, and a bust.  That simply is not true, at least not yet.  Bortles did have a no-so-good year, but Bortles did better in 2016 than 2014 in almost every category.  Also, Bortles had less fumbles, and a better completion percentage in 2016 than he did in 2015.  Not all is lost a quarterback, and the defense is young, and they drafted a new running back in the first round this year.

WHAT IS NEEDED TO WIN:  Leonard Fournette (rookie running back) needs to be amazing, and one of the best in the division.  The rushing attack needs to be something that Bortles can depend on for consistency.  The defense has played a full season together, and they need that experience to strengthen this young, talented defense.  If the Jaguars can have the most dependable rusher, and have a young, “striking” defense, this team is not out of contention for the division. 

Tennessee Titans

The Titans have a lot going for them, a lot.  Mariota is becoming better, and better.  DeMarco Murray looks elite, and bringing in Eric Decker will only benefit.  The offense is booming, and their defense is not horrible.  The Titans also had two first round draft picks in 2017, so this young team is talented, and are ready to become the champions of the AFC South.

WHAT IS NEEDED TO WIN:  Marcus Mariota needs to continue his growth, and not slump.  Same goes to Murray.  Eric Decker needs to be the dependable receiver that Mariota has needed, since being in the league. The defense needs to slow offenses down, because the Titans like running the ball, which takes time.  The offense, and defense are young, so they need to try being more consistent this season, and if this happens, they are one of my favorites to win the division.

Well, there are how the AFC South could be won, fellow Sports Reactionists, and remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be.

What do you think?  Comment below your thoughts, and predictions of the AFC South, and if you want to become a part of the Sports Reaction Nation, click the follow button.

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