How Every NFL Team could Win Their Division: NFC East

The NFC East, a couple of seasons ago, was one of the worst divisions in the NFL.  They had the injured Cowboys, the QB-less Eagles, the inconsistent Redskins, and the Giants, with their horrible defense at the time.  Turn the clock to present day, and we see the Cowboys coming off a “Top Playoff Seed” season, the Giants made the Wildcard, the Redskins were contenders for a spot, and the Eagles are looking up.  All of these teams have a legitimate chance at making the playoffs, but only one can win the division.

Dallas Cowboys

The current champions of the division, the Cowboys came off of an impressive season, with rookies Dak Prescott, and Zeke Elliot producing “rookie of the year” results.  The main danger for the Cowboys is to NOT have a sophomore slump.  Yes, that slump is common, and maybe almost impossible to stop in certain circumstances, but the whole team is depending on their two rookies to carry this team.  Also there defense was good, but it can always get better.

WHAT IS NEEDED TO WIN:  The Cowboys need to start to run the ball, which may sound shocking, but would benefit the Cowboys.  Defenses are going to focus on stopping Zeke, so to shed defenders off of the run, Bryant, and the recievers need to help Dak with the passing game.  As long as they can spread out the defense of other teams, they can repeat as champions of the division.

New York Giants

The Giants made it to the playoffs last year, which is great, considering their change at head coach.  The Giants have won two Super Bowls with Eli Manning, but the Giants are really inconsistent from season to season.  They can either win the Super Bowl, or go 4-12, it is almost impossible to know.  In the past, they have had a horrible defense, but last year their defensive unit did amazing.

WHAT IS NEEDED TO WIN:  The Giants have their passing game down, with Manning passing to Beckham, Marshall, and Shepard.  They need to find someone to run the ball, but it is obvious that these team is going to pass, and try to score fast early.  Then their defense can keep opposing offenses wrapped up for the remainder of the game.  As long as they can get points up fast, and their defense does not allow big plays, and makes other teams drain the time, they can win a lot.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles are a little behind in experience, in contrast to the other teams in the division.  Coach Pederson is still pretty new, as is their quarterback.  However, Carson Wentz showed flashes of brilliance last season, and if that can move into this season, he can be a beast.  The Eagles got Blount in free agency, who will be a great hard-baller for the Eagles to have.  Their defense needs to get better, but which defense cannot get better?

WHAT IS NEEDED TO WIN:  Honestly, Wentz would need to be better than last year by a little, but not to much.  The Eagles have the second best running game in the division, and if Wentz can produce a passing game that is better than average, this team could be the most balanced offense.  The defense needs to be, as a whole, better.  But they need to just keep teams from getting ahead to early, since the running game is more sustainable then the Eagles passing game.  If they can keep games close to start with, and Blount can continually pound in the ball, this team could win through their consistency.

Washington Redskins

The Redskins had a little of a step back last year, even though Kirk Cousin still is producing plenty of passing statistics.  This team is competing with the Giants for the most “Imbalanced” offense of the division.  Neither team has a decent running back, however, the Redskins do not have the weapons the Giants have in the passing game, which makes it hard for the Redskins to win games.  They usually can make them close,  but opposing defenses can predict the plays, especially closer to the end of the game.  The defense has been better than expected, but still not the greatest.

WHAT IS NEEDED TO WIN:  The Redskins need to find a running back that they can trust the rushing game to, for all 16 games.  This will help Cousins even more, especially when games are close, giving him more options, and spreading defenses out.  The main weapon that the offense has is tight end Jordan Reed, and having a rushing game will help him get open.  The defense needs to take the ball away from opposing teams, so that their offense can have more overall opportunities to score.  Mainly, this team needs to find better balance, and consistency.

Well, there is how the teams in the NFC East can win the division, fellow Sports Reacionists, and remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be.

What do you think?  Comment below your thoughts and predictions of the NFC East, an if you want to become a part of the amazing Sports Reaction Nation, click the follow button, and join the community on Google+.

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