Why are the All-Star Games Broken?

The All-Star Games are happening this week, and I am not feeling super enthusiastic for them.  Yes, I know that this is the All-Stars that we are talking about, but whether it is the Pro-Bowl, or the All-Star Games, I personally do not find them very entertaining, especially this year.  The All-Star games this year means NOTHING!  In past years, whoever won got home-field advantage in the World Series, which I actually liked.  If you are going to have an All-Star Game, you might as well have some sort of prize or significance attached to it.  But that is no longer the case.  The Pro Bowl is not any better, and has not, and does not have any prize for winning the game.  Lets look at why the All-Star games, even across leagues, are broken.

Why do Sports Fans watch the All-Star Games?

This is a fair question, why would, or did people watch the All-Star Games?  Well, the All-Star games, and the Pro Bowl were first started with the idea of seeing “The Elites” play against “The Other Elites”.  Who would not want to see the best players playing with each other?  And back in the day, tons of people would watch the best of the best play with each other.  However, with the progression of technology, sports fans have not found the idea of “the elites” playing with each other very intriguing.  Nowadays, people can watch any player they want, anytime, and at anyplace.  The significance of seeing great players play has decreased a lot.  Now we do not get excited to see these great players, because we can see them all the time.  The point being, the whole point of the All-Star games was to see the elite players, and people are not as interested in that anymore.

Lack of Competition

The whole point of sports is to have competition.  However, the All-Star games are usually lacking this element.  The games are usually pretty boring.  Players do not give their all for multiple reasons.  Firstly, they do not want to get injured.  These players, often influenced by their franchise’s, play easy so that they will not get injured, or less risk of it.  Secondly, they have nothing to play for.  The All-Star games, especially now, mean absolutely nothing.  Players are competitive in the regular season, and postseason, because they are playing for a World Series.  In the All-Star Games, they are not playing for a championship, they are only playing for pride, which only gets you so far.

Well, there you have it, fellow Sports Reactionists, the All-Star games, in all leagues, suffer from lack of viewing interest, and lack of competition.  These Sports Leagues will need to find some way to increase these elements for the fans, or they will continue to suffer.  And remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be.

What do you think?  Comment below your thoughts, and suggestions on the All-Star Games, and if you want to join the amazing Sports Reaction Nation community, click the follow button.  Also join the community on the new Sports Reaction Google+.



  • Fair assessment and good points. Well done. Do you have any ideas to improve this? I wonder if the league will end up scrapping it altogether…

    Liked by 1 person

  • The main thing that the league has to do is give it some significance, which would take some brainstorming. Giving the players something to play for will ultimately make it a better series, and the fans will appreciate it.


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