How Every NFL Team Could Win Their Division: AFC East

The AFC East is stacked!  The AFC East have the New England Patriots, who are lead by Belichick, and Tom Brady.  The AFC East also has…Um, yeah…They have the Patriots.  This division is not the worst division in the NFL, but they do not have much depth past them.  Yes, the Dolphins are not horrible (they did make the playoffs last season), and the Bills have much to hope for in the coming years.  However, most of the teams do not really give the Patriots much competition, unless they do a few things right this season.

Buffalo Bills

The three other teams in the division that are not from New England are just trying to dethrone the Patriots, so we will look at how they can beat them.  The Bills brought in their new head coach, former DC Sean McDermott.  The Bills have Tyrod Taylor, who showed his ups, and downs last year.  The defense is pretty solid, and the main thing going for the Bills is LeSean McCoy.  Because McCoy is arguably the best, and most proven running back in the whole division.

WHAT IS NEEDED TO WIN:  The Bills are not the Patriots, but they have something that the Patriots do not have, which is a good, maybe great, running back.  Tyrod Taylor needs to become a playmaker, and become more like Russell Wilson or Cam Newton (I know I am asking a lot out of him).  The defense needs to get as many turnovers as they can, because this offense could be pretty good, with Watkins, and McCoy.  They could dethrone the Patriots if they can depend on the rush more, and the defense can take the ball from the other team.

Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins made it to the playoffs last year, and that is even including trying to find a running back (which they found in Ajayi), and Tannehill got injured.  So all things considered, the Dolphins did pretty well, and were underestimated by most.  The Dolphins, like the Bills, have arguably the best running back in the division, if he can repeat his performance from last season.  Their defense has gotten better, with Suh added last year, and they added tight end Julius Thomas this offseason.  The Dolphins have a chance at the division.

WHAT IS NEEDED TO WIN:  The Dolphins have a good offense, and have been capable of putting points on the board.  However, their defense needs to be better.  If their defense could stop the pass, they could do good.  The Patriots will be scoring by passing (no more Blount), so if the Dolphin’s Defense could play against the pass more, they could force other teams in the division to have to depend on rushing the ball, which only the Bills have a chance of actually doing well at.  Then the game would turn into “Who can Rush the ball better?” which, if Ajayi does what he did last season, who be won by the Dolphins.

New England Patriots

This is going to be short, and sweet.  The Patriots have Bill Belichick, future hall of famer, Tom Brady, future hall of famer (also best quarterback in history).  They have Gronk, best Tight End in the league.  They added Brandin Cooks to the receiving core, so yeah, this team is stacked.

WHAT IS NEEDED TO WIN: The Patriots just need to be the Patriots.  I mean, they could be just 75% the Patriots of last season, and still probably win the division.

New York Jets

The New York Jets are the worst team in the league.  They are worst then the Rams, they are worst then the 49ers, they are worst then the BROWNS!  This team has not quarterback, one of the worst defenses, and lost both of their top wide receivers.  However, if teams who do not even have a winning record can win their divisions, sometimes, then the Jets have a chance…A minimal chance.

WHAT IS NEEDED TO WIN: The Jets need to find their starting quarterback, and they need a killer performance out of Matt Forte, and Powell in the rushing attack.  They need their defense to perform better against the pass, and stop the run even better than last year.  The Jets also need to put pressure on opposing quarterbacks, hopefully so they will make more mistakes, giving their weak secondary a better chance at intercepting the ball.  Oh, and they also need a lot of luck (like the other teams in the division’s quarterbacks all get injured, as with their entire offensive line).

Well, there is how all of the AFC East teams could win their division, Sports Reaction Nation, and remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be.

What do you think?  Comment below your thoughts, and predictions of the AFC East, and if you want to join the amazing community of sports fans, called the Sports Reaction Nation, click the follow button.  Also join Sports Reaction on social media through our all new Google+ account.



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