Sports Update: New York Knicks President says Carmelo Anthony may Not be Traded

Free agency has been a wild ride for the NBA.  Players getting traded, all-stars signing, and veterans getting cut.  One of the loudest discussion’s about the NBA free agency is the whole situation about Carmelo Anthony.  Anthony has talent, but the Knicks have not been able to win with him, so the common opinion has been to trade him away.  And for awhile, that is what everyone thought was going to happen, but New York Knicks President Steve Mills decided to add to the drama of the situation.

On Monday, Knicks President Steve Mills said “We’re going to move forward, so maybe with Carmelo or without Carmelo.”  He talked more about how they might or might trade Carmelo Anthony, but there is the possibility that he will not be.  This has not been a thought of anyone before this statement.  Now we are not sure whether Anthony will or will not be traded.

The Houston Rockets have been on the edge of breaking a deal for Anthony, but maybe this is a sign of struggles to meet a trade for Anthony.  No matter what, the Knicks are probably asking a lot for Anthony, and we will see if other teams will bite on the bait or not.

Well, there is the current update on the Anthony trade situation.  Stay put, because it will probably be a wild ride for the Knicks.

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