How Every NFL Team could Win Their Division: NFC West

The NFC West was considered the best division in football a couple of seasons ago.  The Super Bowl champions Seahawks, combined with the Cardinals, and the 49ers, it was a stacked division.  Now, however, the division has taken a step back.  Both the Rams, and 49ers had rough seasons, and the Cardinals had a worse-than-expected season, and the Seahawks made it to the playoffs, but did not go too far.  How can each of these teams win this division.

Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals had a rough year last season, but they still have one of the most talented rosters in the division.  The Cardinals have David Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, John Brown, etc.  The offense struggled mostly due to Carson Palmer, but that may change this season.  They lost Calais Campbell to the Jaguars (which is a strong loss), but the Cardinals still have a pretty solid defense.

WHAT IS NEEDED TO WIN: David Johnson needs to continue his dominance in the running game.  The line needs to give Palmer time, and keep him healthy.  Fitz, and John Brown need to be dependent receivers for Palmer.  The defense was pretty good last year, but they need to continue to be more consistent, and dominate.  If they can do this, they can beat anybody in the division with ease.

Los Angeles Rams

The Rams have had it tough.  Jared Goff has not shown too much brilliance so far, but maybe he can improve.  Todd Gurley had a big step back last season, and the defense has had some good moments.  The Rams hired new coach Sean McVay, who is younger than some of the players on the team.  It may not be likely, but they could win their division.

WHAT IS NEEDED TO WIN:  First of all, the Rams need Jared Goff to improve greatly during the offseason, and become an average starter in the league.  Todd Gurley needs to be like his rookie self, and become a top runner in the league once again.  The defense has a lot of defensive pieces, but they need to play more like a single unit, and become better in that way.  They could win through having a solid running game, and a solid upfront defense.

San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers only won a few games last season, and because of that they hired a new coach.  Kyle Shanahan is a great offensive mind, and he will have to deal with the question marks on the team.  The defense is not horribly, even though they may look like it.  They drafted a defensive player in the first round, and the 49ers only have Blaine Gabbert at quarterback.

WHAT IS NEEDED TO WIN:  The 49ers biggest asset is their new coach, Shanahan.  He created an amazing offense in Atlanta, and he needs to use his brilliance here in San Francisco.  It is said, “The mind is a good thing to lose every now, and then.”  By that, Shanahan needs to use his wits, and be so unique, and strange that opposing defenses will be confused.  They have some talented pieces, but ultimately the only way the 49ers can win is through the mind of Kyle Shanahan.

 Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks are usually the favorites to win the division.  They have made it to the playoffs in many of their past seasons.  They struggled with the running game last year, but they have added Eddie Lacy this offseason (and he is underweight so far).  The defense is dominate, like always.  They have good receivers, with Doug Baldwin, Jimmy Graham, and Tyler Lockett. They definitely have a talented team.

WHAT IS NEEDED TO WIN:  The Seahawks defense just needs to be like it has been in the past.  Russell Wilson needs to be protected by his line, and the team needs to find a dependent rushing attack.  Jimmy Graham needs to step up this year, which would only seal them a division title.  And of course, the 12th man always plays a part, and needs to continue (although the Kansas City Chiefs are still louder, technically).

Well, there you have it, Sports Reaction Nation, and remember, be the best Sports Fan you can possibly be.

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