O.J. Simpson Hype: Offensive or Acceptable?

O.J. Simpson was a running back, a very talented running back.  On the field, he was one of the best players, however, when he is off the field, he is viewed quite differently.  He is famous for the big trial against him for murdering two people, and getting away free, and clear (although the general opinion is that he did it).  In 2008, O.J. was convicted for armed robbery, kidnapping, and other offenses.  Now his parole trial is coming around, and the media has thrown itself into a frenzy.

(Side Note: I apologize for not writing yesterday.  I have been renovating one of my rooms for a couple days, and did not find the time to write.  Thanks for understanding, Sports Reaction Nation.) 

The media has gone absolutely insane about O.J. Simpson, and ESPN are providing coverage of his parole hearing, and the media has talked non-stop about O.J. Simpson.  ESPN has shown old O.J. football highlights, talked about his career, and about the big controversy with the murder trial.  This is the most publicized parole hearing I have ever seen on sports networks.

Some people have taken offense to this, saying that the media should not be promoting an “alleged” murderer, and current convict.  This position feels that disrespectful to any of the victims, and that the sports media is almost celebrating, or glorifying O.J.’s trial.  They feel that the media is using a criminal to promote themselves.  So is the O.J. Simpson “hype” offensive?

Now people will have many different opinions, so yours may be different then mine.  However, for me personally, I do not take that much offense to what is happening.  The media is not praising O.J. Simpson, and have made everyone aware of the situation at hand (which is what they are supposed to do).  They also have explained the whole O.J. Controversy, because some people were not alive, and do not know what happened.  So I feel that the media is not in the wrong, because they are not trying to say he is innocent or whatever, but that he is up for parole, and that he has a lot of controversy around him.

However, I do think that the media needs to chill a little with it all.  I mean, it is not like we just found out that O.J. broke out of prison or anything, he is up for parole, and that is all.  So I am personally tired of hearing about O.J. Simpson’s parole, but I would not call that being offensive.  O.J. is one of the most hated athletes in the world (now) and the media is revoking that hatred again by talking about him all the time.  So I am not offended by what the media is doing, but the O.J. parole should not be the most talked about event happening in sports.  So my answer would be no, it is not offensive, but the media needs to take a chill pill with all of the coverage they have giving on the whole situation.  All they are doing are provoking the same feelings that people had when the original O.J. trials happened.

Well, there you have it, Sports Reaction Nation, and remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be.

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