How Every NFL Team could Win Their Division: AFC West

We have come to the last division in my series, and what better division to end with than the AFC West?  They are easily one of the most competitive divisions, and all of the teams have a legitimate chance at not only winning their division, but maybe even get to the Conference Championship.  Lets see how each of these teams could win their division.

Denver Broncos

The Broncos used to be the best offensive team in the NFL, a few seasons ago.  Now, they have one of the best defenses.  The Broncos offense has dipped in the last few seasons.  Trevor Siemian did average, but was not consistent enough to provide enough offense that the Broncos needed to make the playoffs.  The running game struggled last year, mainly due to C.J. Anderson getting injured.  However, they did sign Jamaal Charles to add depth.

WHAT IS NEEDED TO WIN:  The Broncos arguably the best defense in the league.  The Broncos should continue their dominance on defense, while boosting their offense.  The Broncos need to decide who will be their starter, and it is critical for them to provide a solid rushing attack.  Either Anderson, or Charles, or both need to be dependent, and consistent on the offense to relieve pressure off of the overwhelmed young quarterbacks.

 Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs are the current division champions, and when we last saw them on the field, they had a humiliating loss to the Steelers.  This provoked the Chiefs front office to draft a new quarterback in the first round, although Alex Smith is going to still start for at least one more year.  The Chiefs have a defense that is amazing at takeaways, and they do not make mistakes on the offensive side of the ball.

WHAT IS NEEDED TO WIN:  You could say that they need to do what they did last year, with having a opportunistic defense, and steady offense.  However, the defense needs to slow down the run a little better, and the offense needs some more big plays.  Tyreek Hill needs to mold into a good wide receiver, who does not only depend on his speed.  Rookie Kareem Hunt could be very critical if Spencer Ware continues his inconsistencies. 

Oakland Raiders

The Raiders made it to the playoffs, big step up for the Raiders.  They proved to be viable contenders last season, but were struck by the injury of Derek Carr.  Carr was playing spectacular, and the defense is a beast.  They need better division play, having lost both games last season to the Kansas City Chiefs.  The receivers have been good, but they lost Latavius Murray, and signed Marshawn Lynch from retirement.

WHAT IS NEEDED TO WIN: The Raiders have a lot of young talent on their team.  Derek Carr needs to return to full health, and play like he was before the injury.  The running game needs to be established, since both the Broncos, and Chiefs have good secondary’s.  Lynch needs to be, at least, an above average runner for the Raiders, who can consistently get them the short (but critical) yardage they need.  If the defense can play just as good or better than they did last season, this team can win the division. 

Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers had a rough season, even losing to the Browns.  However, this team cannot be blamed for what happened, totally.  They had injuries to their best receiver, and some other important pieces.  Everyone is still talking about them moving to L.A., which could either be a good or bad thing for the Chargers.  Gordon had a breakout year, and Joey Bosa proved to be a boss on the line.

WHAT IS NEEDED TO WIN:  The Chargers may not have the best defense in the division, which is pretty competitive (although they have a decent defense), the Chargers could win through their offense.  Gordon is quite possibly the best runner in the division, and the Chargers have a solid quarterback in Philip Rivers.  The Chargers might have the best receiving tandem in the division too, with Keenan Allen returning, plus Travis Benjamin, rookie Mike Williams, Antonio Gates, Hunter Henry, and Tyrell Williams.  They could win the division through having a dominate offense.

Well, there you have it, Sports Reaction Nation, and remember, be the best Sports Fan you can possibly be.

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