Solving the Complexity of the “Kyrie Irving Controversy”

The big news this weekend was the whole controversy surrounding Kyrie Irving.  ESPN, Fox Sports, various sports blogs, etc.  have wrote about this whole situation.  We know the basics about the situation, but it still is pretty complex.  Together, lets look at this whole wacky situation in detail.

To unwind this big bundle of complexity, lets do it through questions…

1. What Exactly Happened?

Well, the Cavaliers lost in the Finals in just 5 games, and many of the players came back depressed.  None of them more than Kyrie Irving, who is in the midst of his prime.  After the start of free agency, and after the draft, Kyrie Irving reportedly does not want to play with LeBron James anymore.  Meaning, Irving wants to be either traded, or James traded.  So basically, Irving does not want to be in Cleveland, or with LeBron James.

2. Why does Irving want to Leave?

Short answer: LeBron.  Longer answer: The Cavaliers have three main stars.  LeBron, Kevin Love, and Irving.  LeBron is, well, LeBron.  Kevin Love was the main star for Minnesota before coming to the Cavaliers.  Irving, on the other hand, has not been the main “Star” or “Leader” of his own team.  He has been an All-Star, and nobody doubts his talent.  However, Irving feels that he is playing sidekick to the “Big Boys”.  Irving wants to prove himself, and that explains why he does not want to be with LeBron, the (Big Boy).

3. What does LeBron think about it?

According to a reporter at ESPN, LeBron was “Frustrated, and Disappointed”.  Which is understandable.  After the Finals series, and free agency, LeBron was said to be “Concerned” by the lack of moves done to stay competitive with the Warriors.  Now with Irving, one of the big three in Cleveland wanting to leave, that puts him, and the team into quite a corner.

4. What will happen?

Well, since there is a lot of tension between Irving, and LeBron, one of them is going to have to go.  Well, it looks like LeBron is not going anywhere, because he signed his “No Trade Claus” for the next season, so he is not going anywhere.  So that narrows done the options.  Either both stay, or Irving goes.

5. Who will he be traded to?

Well, it could be a lot of teams, but Irving reportedly told the front office that he wants to be traded to either the Spurs, Knicks, Heat or Timberwolves.  And the front office does not want to create anymore controversy then there already is, so they probably will try there best to trade to one of those 4 teams.

6. What will happen to the Cavaliers?

The Cavaliers are not in the best spot.  They have not been active in free agency, and now one of their stars wants out.  They have LeBron, so they will no doubt be in the playoffs, but if they want to go back to the Finals, they will have to get something good in return for Kyrie Irving.

Well, if you are still confused about the controversy, meet the rest of the sports world.  However, hopefully this helped clean up some of the complexity, Sports Reaction Nation, and remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be.

What do you think?  Comment below your thoughts and opinions on the Kyrie Irving Controversy. And if you want to become a part of the amazing Sports Reaction Nation, click the follow button.  Also join the new Sports Reaction community on Google+.




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