Why Colin Kaepernick’s Statistics are not the Best: Solving Kaep Part 1

I came home from working out at the gym.  I had a large latte with two extra shots, like I do almost everyday.  And then I looked up ESPN on my computer.  And wouldn’t you know?  They are still talking about Colin Kaepernick not being signed.  This has been talked about in the media for months, and everyone in the big media are all astonished, and offended that no one will sign Kaep.  They portray that the NFL Teams are all bigots, and are just humongous haters.  Am I the only one tired of hearing all of this?

I listened to a video clip on ESPN about what they think about the whole situation.  Most of the news anchors landed on the idea that Colin Kaepernick is being singled out, and not signed, although he is the “Greatest Quarterback Ever!” (Sarcasm added).  They think he is a great quarterback, and that NFL Owners need to be accessible so that they can be asked about the whole situation.  However, the people on ESPN will not be satisfied with the answers that the NFL Owners have.  Because all that these ESPN anchors are looking for is to aim their attacks on someone.  ESPN, and other big sports media will not be satisfied until they beat down any NFL Owner as a hater for not signing Kaep.  I have not seen sports media look like this for a long time.  They are pretty aggressive, and touchy about the whole situation.  If they could, they would force a team to sign keep.  Am I the only one who is sick of the media’s portrayal of this whole situation?

Now here is the big question, “Why are teams not signing Colin Kaepernick?”.  This really should not be a hard question to answer, but because of how the media has blown everything out of proportion, and made everything seem very complex, lets just answer this question simply.  However, I will be doing it in multiple parts, so today lets look at statistics.

1. How Good is Colin Kaepernick?

I know this is actually a question answering a question, but hold with me.  The big sports media (I never thought I would ever use that about ESPN, and the like) are saying that Colin Kaepernick is a great player, I mean, he went to a super bowl, and his statistics are not bad, right?

Well it is true that Colin Kaepernick, statistically, is not horrible, although he is not amazing either.  For the past two seasons, Kaepernick has completed less than 60% of passes, thrown 22 touchdowns, 9 interceptions (19 starts), averaged 200 yards per game, and averaged around 6.8 per attempt.  Oh yeah, and Kaepernick’s record was 3-16 during that span.  Sounds like a true gem of a quarterback, doesn’t it? (again, sarcasm)

So, the numbers are not horrible, but they are not good.  Lets compare these numbers, to lets say, a former teammate of Kaepernick’s.  One that he actually replaced…You know who, Alex Smith.

Alex Smith has been under a lot of heat as a quarterback, and people say that Smith, statistically, is not very impressive.  Alex Smith is the perfect comparison for Kaepernick.  Why?  Well, the main flaw for Alex Smith (according to analysts) are his statistics, while Kaepernick’s supposedly biggest attribute are his statistics.  So lets compare this former teammates.  This is based off of the past couple seasons.  Player with better stats will be bolded.

Passing Completion Percentage: Kaepernick – 60% (which is generous), Smith – 66%.

Touchdown to Interception Ratio: Kaepernick – 2.44-1, Smith – 2.33-1.  Almost identical.

Passing yards per game: Kaepernick – 202 yards, Smith – 225 yards. (Smith has not dropped below 217 YPG since being with the Chiefs.

Yards per Attempt: Kaepernick – 6.8 YPA, Smith – 7.28 YPA.

Winning Record (Last 19 starts): Kaepernick – 3-16, Smith – 15-4. (Almost an identical opposite record).

So after comparing the statistics of a free agent quarterback, whom the media says has good statistics.  Compared to a starting quarterback, whom the media says has horrible statistics.

Smith  has a better completion percentage, YPG, YPA, and winning record.  The only thing that Smith was less superior in was TD-INT ratio, which was only a 0.11 apart.  So really, when you look at Kaepernick’s “Amazing” statistics, they really are not as good as the media wants you to think.


Kaepernick is known for running the ball, and used to be considered one of the best at the quarterback scramble.  However, when you compare Kaepernick’s rushing yards per game to Alex Smith’s of the past two seasons, Kaepernick averaged a little under 20 RYPG, and Alex Smith is a little over 20 RYPG.  So even in Kaepernick’s special running ability, Alex Smith is superior in that category as well.

So overall, the media has said that Kaepernick’s passing stats are good, while another quarterback (Alex Smith) is proclaimed by the media as having horrible statistics, and is only a game manager.  The media calls Alex Smith a game manager, and that he cannot win games by himself, because of his lack of ability.  Yet, this is the same player that Kaepernick is actually inferior to.  The biggest difference between Alex Smith, and Alex Smith is that Alex Smith actually wins games, and Kaepernick does not.

So, there is part one of what looks like a multi-part series on Colin Kaepernick, Sports Reaction Nation.  And remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be.

What do you think?  Comment below your thoughts and opinions about Colin Kaepernick, and if you want to become a part of the amazing Sports Reaction Nation, click the follow button.  Also join Sports Reaction on the new community on Google+.





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