When Kaepernick Comes, so Comes Something Worse: Solving Kaep Part 2

Last time I wrote about Kaepernick, I showed how his statistics fell short of a NFL quarterback, who is said to be one of the worst statistical quarterbacks in the league. This time, we will dig into the other side of the field. The area that most of us know, yet few say it (especially big Sports Media).

Before we get into that, though, I would like to apologize to the great Sports Reaction Nation.  For the past week, (ever since Tuesday) I have not uploaded any content.  I was watching cowboys get bucked off of bulls last week in Wyoming, where the Cheyenne Rodeo was taking place.  If you have not gone, and you like to see steers get roped, and broncos get rode, then you should go sometime.  However, I do feel bad for not uploading much this past week.  On to Solving Kaep!

Now we see that Kaepernick, statistically, is not the star-studded quarterback that everyone has made him out to be.  If you did not read part 1 of this series, or just simply forgot (Crazy Weekends) then click here.  If you did read it, or are too lazy to click on that little word, then lets continue.

What is the main question we are looking for to being answered in this whole situation?  Well, it is quite simply Why Are Teams Not Signing Colin Kaepernick?  Now I believe he probably will get signed, but not as a starter.  But why has it taken so long for teams to decide or not?  I mean, his statistics are not great, but they definitely are worth a spot on the bench, at least.  Right?  Well, if it were not for another issue, Kaep probably would be already signed.

Why do teams sign players?

This may seem simple, and it sort of is simple.  Many would say in a heartbeat, “To make a great team, and win a championship”.  Well, while that is not wrong, that is not the only reason that franchises sign players.  The main purpose of these franchises is to make money.  Yes, I know, shocking.  The main reason owners care so much about if their team is winning, is mainly because a winning team makes more money.  A losing team makes less money.  It is as simple as that.

So if the main focus of these owners is to make money, that means they want to add to their fan base, and not polarize any of their fans.   This brings us to what it means if Colin Kaepernick gets signed.  Simply put, Colin Kaepernick is the most hated player in the NFL.  Sports anchors do not say it out loud, and reporters do not usually say it, but it is true.  There are many reasons for the hatred at Kaepernick.

1. Played for the 49ers

There are a lot of fans of the 49ers, but there is also a lot of enemies that the 49ers have gained over the years.  Teams within their division do not love them, and teams that have a history with them do not like them either.  You either love the 49ers, don’t care about them, or absolutely hate them, and most of the time, fans are on the extreme sides of the scale.  Kaepernick being a 49er has made him hated already by a lot of fans, simply because he is a 49er.

2. Polarizing Quarterback

Now this may seem kind of a weird point, saying that fans are polarized because he is polarizing.  However, I am talking about his on field antics.  He is known for kissing his bicep after a play, dancing, and celebrating.  A lot of fans (especially older fans) do not like the “excessive celebrating” that quarterbacks do sometimes.  Cam Newton gets heat for it, and so does Kaepernick.  Talking about Cam, Kaepernick once mocked Cam’s “Superman” celebration in a game.  Again, Kaepernick is a polarizing quarterback to players, and fans alike.

3. And of Course, Kneeling During the Anthem

This is the biggest reason why fans hate Colin Kaepernick.  If you have been under a rock for the past year, and do not know the situation, Kaepernick kneels during the anthem.  His reason for doing this is not because he is tired, but as a form of protest against the racial injustice in the United States, saying how could one stand for the United States when there is so many problems in it.  Some people have applauded what he has done, while some have taken offense to it.  Whether you agree with what he did or not, it is easy to see why there is a lot of hate on the issue.  One side says that he is right, and standing for social injustice, while the other side is saying that he is being disrespectful to the United States of America by doing so.  Now, from what I have seen, and researched, there seems to be more that do not like what he is doing them otherwise.  This has created a lot of hatred.

So, why does this matter?  Teams have had players that fans do not like on there teams before (a.k.a Terrell Owens), so what is different?  Well, this is not a situation where some do not like him because of his attitude, or because he is a trash talker, but because it is an issue that provokes politics, patriotism, and respect.  When those three things are mixed, you can bet that it is going to be a touchy issue.  Especially for sports fans, who are some of the most “Gung-Ho U.S.A” people you will ever meet.  So franchises do not want to pick up a player who, one, has overrated statistics, but two, will most likely drive fans away, those decreasing profits.  And profits, like we said earlier, is the main reason for teams to sign players.  So do not get on to franchises for not signing Kaepernick.  The Owner of the New York Giants reportedly said that he has gotten more mail from fans about how much they hate Colin Kaepernick than he has on any other issue, ever.  The fans strongly discouraged the Giants from even thinking about signing Kaep, or that they would not support them any longer.  So yeah, it is totally understandable why teams are not signing Kaepernick.

Well, there you have it, Sports Reaction Nation, and remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be.

What do you think?  Comment below your thoughts, and opinions on Colin Kaepernick, and if you want to join the amazing Sports Reaction Nation, click the follow button, and check out Sports Reaction on Google+.


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