The Importance of Every Position in Fantasy Football: Ranked

Fantasy football is a staple of the NFL.  Fans from all over participate in their various leagues.  We draft, and pick up many players.  Since fantasy football is such a big game (it is, no doubt) fans have their own opinions.  Some say quarterback is the most important, while others say receivers.  Well, lets see how each position ranks overall.

Now I will not be ranking IDP, or anything outside the norm.  I will be basing these rankings based on the standard rosters in most leagues.  The standard roster goes as follows: 1 Quarterback, 2 Running backs, 2 Wide Receivers, 1 Flex (not ranked), 1 Tight End, 1 Defense/Special Teams, 1 Kicker.  Here we go:

6. Kicker

I feel bad for the kicker.  They have a spot on a small roster, and yet, almost everyone ignores them.  The main reason I have the kicker at the last position is not because they are not important, for they are actually underrated.  However, the main problem is that the position of kicker gets points for field goals, and extra points.  This means that the kicker has to depend on the offense of their team to get points.  So really, the value of kicker is not measured by how talented they are, but by how much their team scores, which is always unpredictable.  Plus, the ceiling for a kicker is usually pretty low.

5. Def./Spec. Teams

The defense is either the most predictable, or most unpredictable roster position.  The top 5 defenses are consistent, and are almost always predictable.  However, once you get past the top few defenses, it starts getting hazy.  Because these defenses are usually ranked low because of their inconsistencies.  One week, they will score 15 points, next week they score -3.  It goes up and down mainly due to so many moving parts.  After all, this roster spot is determined by around a dozen players.  So unless you are getting the elite defenses, then prepare for inconsistency each week.

4. Tight End

Tight ends have gotten a little better.  They used to be used more for blocking, and maybe a short pass every now and then.  Now, Tight Ends are catching for over a 1,000 yards a season, and are continually showing that they can be a force to deal with.  However, the position is still pretty top heavy.  After you get past Gronk, Kelce, Olsen, and Reed, you will be drafting either a hopeful breakout or a lower-production, but consistent tight end.  So unless you are getting one of the best, you will have to settle, and expect 7 points a game.

3. Quarterback

There is a lot of debate about the importance of the quarterback.  Either you believe that a quarterback is vital to your fantasy team, or you believe that you should draft late for a quarterback.  I am in the position to wait on a quarterback.  Yes, quarterbacks do score the most points (mostly), but the main problem is that there is one spot on your roster for a quarterback.  This means that you get 300 points for the whole quarterback position.  Also, since there is only one roster spot for the QB, then there is more risk of your main QB getting injured.  So, the quarterback may be the leader on the field, but not on your fantasy team.

2. Wide Receiver

The wide receiver group got a lot of hype last year.  Mainly due to the production of Antonio Brown, and Odell Beckham.  There were studies showing that wide receivers  got the most bang out of your buck (ADP).  However, last year there were some up, and downs at the position, and the running back position stole a lot of spotlight too.  However, what makes the WR position so good is that every team has multiple receivers, so there is plenty of producing receivers available.  However, the receiving group has to depend on fair quarterback play.  If the receiver is open for a touchdown, but the quarterback over throws, the receiver just lost an opportunity of 6 points because of another player on his team.  So the receiving group is number

1.Running Back

The running back position is a lot like the receiving group, except for a couple of differences.  One, they do not depend fully on quarterback play, and you can predict their value based on their own play.  Secondly, if you have a starting running back, they are usually more consistent week to week then a wide receiver.  Thirdly, they do not have as much competition between players (mostly).  Since teams usually stick with one main running back, the chances that someone else steals plays from them unexpectedly is slim.  There are two position spots on the roster, so plenty of volume on the roster is filled by RBs.  The position may not have as main available as the WR, but still plenty of choices for fans to choose from.

Well, there are my rankings, Sports Reaction Nation.  I am excited for the upcoming NFL season, and especially fantasy football.  So what position do you think is the most important, in regards to fantasy?  I would love to hear your thoughts, and remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be.

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