The Miami Dolphins Season is not Doomed

The Miami Dolphins have been in the news a lot lately.  The Dolphins are a team that does not get the most publicity, mainly due to the fact that they are in the same division with the Patriots.  The Dolphins last season made it to the postseason, but did not make it very far, because Tannehill was injured.  Now Tannehill is injured again, and people are wondering how far they will go this season.

Dolphins lost Tannehill, signed Jay Cutler

Tannehill may not be an Aaron Rodgers, but he has been continually improving, and becoming better.  The Dolphins have no doubt that he is their quarterback of the future.  Tannehill is a consistent quarterback, and has shown durable gameplay.  However, Tannehill has gotten injured twice in less than a year, and that has scared the Dolphins a little bit.  Last year, Moore was his replacement, and it was obvious that Moore was not more than just a basic backup.  Now that Tannehill has gotten injured before the season even started, the Dolphins have decided to sign former-Bears quarterback Jay Cutler.

Dolphins Received Julius Thomas in the offseason

The Jaguars traded away Thomas to the Dolphins.  The Dolphins were not super strong in the receiving game, and if Julius Thomas can return to his prime performance, he could be a dangerous threat on offense.  This could benefit the Dolphins a lot more than most expect.  This move could help spread out defenses, but only if Thomas can perform.

Jay Ajayi has been dominant

Last year, Arian Foster started out as the starter, but when he retired mid-season, that lead the way to Ajayi to show his stuff.  Ajayi became one of the most dominant running backs in the entire league.  Ajayi has a very strong running style, and was probably one of the main reasons for the Dolphins success last season.  So, as long as nothing shocking happens, Ajayi should continue to dominate on the field, and continue to help the Dolphins win.

Is Jay Cutler a fair replacement for Tannehill?

People in the media are saying that Cutler, and the Dolphins will not be able to win without Tannehill.  However, the main reason for the Dolphins success last season, I would argue, was not Tannehill, but Jay Ajayi.  Of course, that does not mean that the Dolphins can win with anyone at quarterback, but Jay Cutler, and Tannehill are not much different.  Last year, Tannehill had a little over 93 passer rating.  Which is his career best.  In 2015, when Jay Cutler played almost a full season (15 games), Cutler had a 92.3 passer rating.  So Jay Cutler can perform well enough, and even if Tannehill is a little better, Cutler should not become that much of a hindrance to a team that depends on its running game more than the quarterback.

Well, there you have it, Sports Reaction Nation!  I do not think that the Dolphins are much worse after the injury.  As long as Thomas can contribute something, Cutler doesn’t get injured, and Ajayi does not have a big fall out, the Dolphins will not be that bad off, at least for the moment.  And remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be.

What do you think?  Comment below your thoughts, and predictions on the Miami Dolphins.  Do you believe the Dolphins should, or should not have signed Cutler?  Comment below Sports Reaction Nation, and if you like this article, hit the like button.  If you are new, and want to become part of the great, and amazing Sports Reaction Nation, click the follow button, and do not forget to check out Sports Reaction on Google+.

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