Analyzing Fantasy Football Draft Strategies: Quarterbacks

Fantasy Football is in full swing, and it is time to start thinking of strategies for the upcoming season.  Quarterbacks in real life are the most important position, however, it is not as clear in Fantasy.  Tons of people have many strategies, and a lot have their pros, and cons.  Here is a brief look at various different strategies you can use for the upcoming season.

Waiting on Quarterback

Description: This strategy is pretty popular, and is held in high esteem by Michael Fabiano of the NFL Network.  The strategy is as simple as it sounds, you simply wait on drafting a starting quarterback until the later rounds.  You draft a quarterback in the 7th round at the earliest, but you can wait even into the double-digit rounds.

Pros of Strategy: The theory is based on that since you can only start one quarterback at a time, you should not risk a high draft pick for one player.  You lessen your risk of hurting your team by drafting later, since your team will be more “Position” player based, and not as dependent on the quarterback.  Also, the difference in performance between the top 5 quarterbacks ,and the top 12 is not humongous, so why not wait?

Cons of Strategy:  You do not have one of the top quarterbacks, obviously.  Even teams that have a lot of bad players can win a decent amount of games just because of the quarterback.  Also, it is annoying (and risky) to have to decide weekly who to fill your QB spot.

Early Quarterback Drafting

Description: Again, it is in the title.  You draft a quarterback early, and get one of the best.  Usually round 2, 3 or 4 is considered early drafting for quarterbacks.

Pros of Strategy: You get to have one of the best quarterbacks in your league.  The top quarterbacks (a.k.a Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, etc.) usually are very consistent, and you will rarely have to sit them, regardless of opponent.  A good quarterback can keep a team consistent week to week, since they do score a lot of points.

Cons of Strategy:  When you draft this early, you pick up a quarterback instead of another running back/receiver, which you might need, because you have more RB/WR spots to fill.  There is more risk too, since you are drafting a QB early, because you are kind of doomed if he gets injured or suspended.

Double Stacking

Description: This strategy is interesting, and unique.  This strategy is when you draft to good quarterbacks, like in the 2nd/3rd and 4th/5th round.  Why?  So that you can trade one of your quarterbacks, and keep the other one.

Pros of Strategy:  You get to have a good quarterback (look to Pros to Early QB Drafting).  Usually there will be a couple of teams with weaker quarterbacks, and will give a decent amount to get a QB (because of desperation).  Sometimes, the value you get from the QB you trade is better, in contrast of the value you could have gotten from picking another player from the same round as the QB you traded.

Cons of Strategy: Look at the cons of Early QB Drafting.  Also, as with all trades, there is always the chance that the value you receive is worse than the value you traded.  If one of either QBs get injured before a trade takes place, your whole strategy is dismantled.  Sometimes, other teams will not trade, at least fairly.  You are betting on the fact that someone will give a worthwhile trade.

Steady and Risky

Description: This strategy is sort of like the “Double Stacking” strategy, but instead of drafting two QBs early, you draft them later, rounds 10 or later.   One quarterback is the “Steady”, who might not score a ton of points weekly, but is consistent.  Then the other QB you draft is the “Risky”, who is a make it or break it player.  Most of the times they are younger (or rookies) and could be either a top QB, or will be a bust.  This strategy can piggyback on the “Wait” strategy.

Pros of Strategy: This one is a lot like the “Wait” strategy, except a little more detailed.  This could be one of the safest strategies, because of the contrast of the QBs.  The “Risky” QB could be a breakout player, and you are in a good position, but if he is a bust, you still have your “Steady” QB.  The Steady QB helps relieve the risk of the other QB.

Cons of Strategy: Main problem is that if your “Risky” QB is not a breakout, you have to settle with your “Steady” QB.  This means that you will have to have good players in the other positions to make up for it.  Also, if an injury happens, then the strategy becomes a little void.

No-Quarterback Drafting

Description:  You do not draft a quarterback.

Pros of Strategy: *Crickets*

Cons of Strategy: Impossible in some leagues, usually will end up with a horrible QB, unless you are lucky enough to get a decent QB from Free Agency.

Well, there are the strategies you can adopt for Fantasy Football this season, Sports Reaction Nation.  What strategy do you use when it comes to QBs?  And remember Nation, be the best sports fan you can possibly be.

What do you think?  Please comment your thoughts, and opinions on anything you want to talk about, even if it is not sports related.  Do you want to become part of the amazing, and best Nation?  You can join the great Sports Reaction Nation by clicking the follow buttons.  Also, do not forget to check us out on Google+.  Thanks, Sports Reaction Nation!

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