No 2018 NBA Finals for the Cavaliers?

The NBA has settled down a little bit, since the free agency boom, and draft.  The last big controversy in the NBA was (and still is) Kyrie Irving wanting a trade.  Now, lets talk about the Cavaliers, and are they going to be able to get another trip to the 2018 Finals?

ESPN recently had a panel of 44 experts vote on who they think will get first, second, and third in the NBA this upcoming season.  Of course, all of the experts voted for the Golden State Warriors to win the Title.  However, the Cavaliers came in second.  According to ESPN, they are forecasting the Cavaliers to come in second, and be the runner-up in the NBA Finals.  Personally, I do not see the Cavaliers making it to the NBA Finals this next year, and here is why.

Kyrie Irving Situation

The biggest turning point for the Cavaliers is the whole Kyrie Irving situation.  Kyrie Irving wants to leave, so depending on what the Cavaliers do, it could change their entire situation.  However, this is a difficult situation for the Cavaliers.  It will be very hard for the Cavaliers to come out on top.  For one, Irving is really good, and plays an important role of the team, and his departure will leave a gapping hole.  Two, other teams are going to pay low for Irving, mainly because the Cavaliers are desperate to get a trade, so other teams will take advantage at any chance they can.

Competition has Increased

The Cavaliers are basically the same team as last year, minus the potentially trade of Kyrie Irving.  Other teams have started making moves, the Rockets have improved, and so has the Thunder, and Timberwolves.  Although, those are not in the same conference.  The biggest competition is the Celtics, because they added Gordon Hayward.  The Celtics were the number 1 seed in the eastern Conference last year, and were close to beating the Cavaliers last year.  This added talent to the Celtics could easily put them atop the Cavaliers, who are merely the same.

Last Season

The Cavaliers were not great last year, they were not even that dominate.  They did not have the best record, the Celtics gave the Cavaliers a run for their money last year.  The Cavaliers showed weaknesses in their gameplay.  This year, it looks like the Cavaliers will not be improving, if anything, they are getting worse.  This is also not a good time, since other teams (especially the Celtics) are improving.

So the Cavaliers, at least to me, are not my favorites to win the Eastern Conference in 2018.  But what do you think, Sports Reaction Nation!  Do you believe the Cavaliers will go to the Finals again, or not?  And remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be.

Well, there was my opinion, but I am interested in yours too!  Comment below your predictions, and thoughts.  If you liked this piece, hit the button with the star on it!  And if you want to become a part of the best, and greatest community in the world of sports, click the follow button to join the Sports Reaction Nation.  Thanks, and see you next time!

ESPN Article



  • It’s hard to disagree with you. I think the East is slowly becoming a better conference, and as LeBron gets older and loses key pieces (such as Kyrie), he’ll only be able to carry the Cavs so far. I think this upcoming season will be tougher than the past few for the Cavs though, especially with the Celtics looking as though they may be dominant. My prediction is that the Celtics and Cavs go to a game 7 in the Conference Finals, and LeBron somehow finds a way to beat them. He’ll most likely fall to the Warriors yet again though before he possibly leaves for LA.

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  • Even with the addition of Hayward, Boston let go of their best defender in Avery Bradley. They also had to give up Olynyk and Jerebko who were key pieces in their postseason run.

    Isaiah Thomas’ hip is going to be a concern and Al Horford hasn’t lived up to the expectations of his contract.

    The Cavaliers will cruise through the regular season with or without Kyrie and they’ll flip the switch in the postseason like they did last season.

    Not expecting them to beat Golden State but I still expect them to win the East

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  • I do not think the Cavs will go to the Finals. If they do not trade Irving, they will be having a lot of chemistry problems in the regular season. They should look to rebuild for the future and try to trade Irving for a younger player because LeBron said he definitely will not be coming back in 2018.

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  • i also agree that GSW will win next season

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  • Cleveland Cavaliers are in for hard tough season

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  • They won’t from Irving to Thomas to now rose

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  • I love rose but come on lol

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  • LeBron can recruit anybody he wants but we all know Celtics have the better matchup at the 1 which will be a fun series to watch which I think Celtics will reach the finals but 76ers are a team to watch , the Raptors , the Miami heat

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  • It’s been a couple months now since you’ve written this post and a lot has happened! I think the new cavs have an easy path to the finals now. Celtics don’t have quite enough firepower to outlast them in a 7 game series. What do you think?

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    • Agreed. I think this year the Cavs should make it easily (as long as there is no “Drama” problems or injuries”. I think, however, that Golden State has the upper hand still, because the GSW is pretty much the same, and are going to be more comfortable between teammates, while Cavs will have to adjust a little.


      • Golden state still has the upper hand in the western conference but lebron is still the king.

        He has enough help now to overcome the warriors. Cavs in 7!

        I just wrote an article on what could happen after the finals this year actually. Lemme know what you think

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