Reblogging September: What’s Coming to Sports Reaction

So I am not a big blogger/writer. I do not have the most followers, views, etc. But I am very proud of how far Sports Reaction has come over the last few months.  I have wanted to help blogs that have great content, but have not had the opportunities to grow. So this month, I am wanting to reblog a small blog’s post every Saturday. This not only help’s me, but my hope is that it will help these blogs out too.

Reblogging is good both for the blog that is posting, and the blog that originally wrote the article.  It will give a little excerpt into the article, then will give the viewers links to the original post, so that they can read the entire article.  Other bloggers have reblogged some of my content, and it has been very helpful.

That’s all that I wanted to say, and update the Sports Reaction Nation on, today.  I am excited to see where this goes, and I hope that everyone will be supportive of the content that is reblogged on Sports Reaction.  I will do my normal posts in addition to a weekly reblog, so stay tuned to Sports Reaction, and remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be.

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