The Titans Top Ten? NFL Tier Power Rankings: Week 1

The NFL season is about to start, are you excited?  I am, and the NFL is as complicated as ever.  The first week is exciting, and every team starts out even with everyone else.  However, lets rank the NFL teams by tiers, and see if your team is higher than expected.

Elite (Super Bowl Favorite)

1. New England Patriots

Yeah, until another team shows that they can consistently keep up with the Patriots, they are on their own level.

Very Good (Super Bowl Contender)

2. Atlanta Falcons

3. Green Bay Packers

4.  Seattle Seahawks

5. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Falcons, Packers, and Seahawks, for the moment, are the top teams in the NFC.  The Steelers are the only team, who actually has a decent chance at beating the Patriots, if they are healthy, and if the defense actually benefitted this offseason.

Good (Playoff Contender)

6. Dallas Cowboys

7. Kansas City Chiefs

8. Oakland Raiders

I am not on the Cowboy hype-train.  Elliot looks like he will remain suspended in some form, and Dak Prescott is bound for some sophomore slump.  The Chiefs, and Oakland are both teams that I am confident will make the playoffs.  The Chiefs are ranked higher, only because I know they can beat the Raiders.  The Raiders running game is screwed if Lynch does not perform, which would hurt the team a lot.

Better-than-Average (Not likely, but possible Playoff contender)

9. Tennessee Titans

10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

11. Washington Redskins

12. Detroit Lions

13. New Orleans Saints

14. New York Giants

A lot of teams are on the bubble of playoff to average.  I like the Titans, who went 9-7, and only improved.  The Buccaneers have added a lot of talent, but still need a running game.  We will see how the Redskins do with all of the shift in players this offseason.  The Lions are pretty much consistently on the bubble.  The Saints could have a breakout year, especially if AP actually has some left in the tank.  The Giants could be higher, but I want to see Eli Manning prove that he is not conquered by father time yet.

Average (Middle of the Road)

15. Miami Dolphins

16. Baltimore Ravens

17. Denver Broncos

18. Cincinnati Bengals

19. Houston Texans

20. Philadelphia Eagles

The Dolphins were in the playoffs last year, and are not doomed.  The Ravens could have a good offense this year, and have added a lot of talent.  The Broncos are terrible on offense, but they still have the best defense.  The Bengals have added more offensive weapons, and could be higher, if the offensive line can hold up.  The Texans do not have a QB, but they still have Watt.  The Eagles round out the average tier, because of how much potential they have.

Below Average (Not horrible, not average)

21. Arizona Cardinals

22. Carolina Panthers

23. Los Angeles Chargers

24. Minnesota Vikings

The Cardinals, and Panthers were both in the NFC Championship game less than two years ago.  Both went downhill last season, but could end up pretty high if they can return to their 2015 form.  The Chargers have a lot of talent, but are cursed with a hard division.  The Vikings are testing out a new rushing game, and can only win so many games.

Bad (Yeah, pretty bad. but not the worse.)

25. Buffalo Bills

26. Indianapolis Colts

27. Chicago Bears

28. Los Angeles Rams

The Bills are currently rebuilding, and are not expected to be super competitive this year.  Luck is injured, and the Colts rely a lot on him to carry the team.  The Bears have some young pieces, and will take a season to get them up to speed.  The Rams are just a hair above the last tier, mainly because they still have a decent defense, and hope in a Gurley rebound.

Wait…Who? (Bright spot, you will have a high draft pick)

29. Jacksonville Jaguars

30. Cleveland Browns

31. San Francisco 49ers

32. New York Jets

The Jaguars have a lot of talent, but have you seen Blake Bortles.  The Browns have a lot of rookies, and just need more experience.  The 49ers are pretty much the same team as they were last season, which is not a good thing.  The Jets are the worse team in the league by far.  They were one of the worst in the league last year, and got significantly worse.  Would not be super surprised if they went 0-16.

Well, there is the Sports Reaction Tier Power Rankings.  But what do you think, Sports Reaction Nation?  Did you think your team was ranked correctly?  Comment below, and remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be.

Well, that was the first power ranking for Sports Reaction.  I might start “tiering” up…Alright, bad pun.  But do you know what is not bad?  The great, and amazing Sports Reaction Nation, which you can join by clicking the follow button.  And if, by some chance you actually liked my rankings, click that star button. 

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