Stunned in Foxboro: What is Next for the Patriots?

If you, for some reason, have not heard the shocking news, the New England Patriots lost to the Kansas City Chiefs 42-17.  The Super Bowl Reigning Patriots were heavy favorites, and there was even talk about them going undefeated for the whole year.  Well that is not going to happen.

By the way, Foxboro I guess, can be spelled two different ways.  Either Foxboro, or Foxborough.  The latter is the official, but the first one is how the postal service writes it.  So for the title, I will stick with the USPS, because it is less letters, and I am lazy.

If you did not know this about me, I am actually a Chiefs fan.  No, it is not because of Thursday’s game, I live close to Kansas City, and have grown up as a Chiefs fan all my life.  So, personally, I was excited.  However, I am not one of those people who hate the Patriots either.  I know what it feels like to have my team have a lot of hype, and be winning, and then all of a sudden, lose (a.k.a Colts in Wildcard Game).  So I am not ignorant to the Patriots view of things.  However, with all of the preseason hype coming to a sudden stop, what is next for the Patriots?

Not All is lost

People will be talking about how the Patriots are vulnerable, and are no longer Super Bowl favorites.  This is somewhat true, but mostly false.  Yes, the Patriots are vulnerable, no team is not.  However, just because they lose a game does not make them suddenly a horrible team.  Like the old saying goes, “Any team can beat any other team, any day of the week.”.  I think that Thursday night just proved that no team in the NFL is undefeatable.  However, this is just one game, and people should still have Patriots as one of the favorites to return to the super bowl.

The Defense needs the most work

This is the most any team has scored against Bill Belichick in New England, ever.  42 points is a lot of points, which is not a good thing coming from 1, the Chiefs.  2, all of them were offensive touchdowns, and 3, some of them came on long drives by the Chiefs.  The Patriots were great in defense last year.  However, there has been some changes in the front 7, and with Hightower being out for the last bit did not help.  The Patriots defense needs to work on becoming the “Bend, but do not break” defense that they were last season.  Maybe as the year goes on, and when they become more comfortable, they will perform better.

The Receivers need work too


Keep an eye on Brady

Whoaa, whoa, WHOA!  Am I saying that Brady is actually a concern for the Patriots?  Not really, but I would advise that the Patriots keep an eye on Brady.  Brady is still going to be great this year, even with this lackluster game.  However, Brady never looked comfortable after the first couple drives.  He passed for 0 touchdowns, and completed less than 50% of his passes.  I expect for Brady to rebound, of course.  However, why the Patriots need to watch Brady closely is for a couple reasons.  First, he is 40.  Making sure that he feels comfortable, and does not hurt himself is important, so keeping an eye on his health is extremely important.  Secondly, Brady did not play good Thursday, and like I said above, I am not saying he will continue playing that way, but the Patriots should look at where Brady is at, and see if they can see what Brady’s shortcomings or soon to be problems in the future (with age) might be.  The franchise just needs to watch, and track his performance, and try in the next few seasons to stop a “Peyton Manning Career End” for Brady.  Nobody wants that.

As for that, the Patriots just need to “Move on to New Orleans”.  This was only one game, and no one should get to worked up about it.  The sun is still shining, and the Earth is still spinning (sometimes it seems like it is spinning faster than other times).  Expect a 13+ win team still from the Patriots, Sports Reaction Nation!  And remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be.

What do you think?  Do you believe that the Chiefs have turned a corner?  Is this a sign of things to come for the Patriots?  Comment below your thoughts, and opinions.  If you like this article, hit that button with the star to leave a like.  Want to become part of the best Nation ever?  No, I am not talking about the USA (or Canada, if you are from there).  I am talking about the great Sports Reaction Nation!  Become a part of the Nation by clicking the follow button.  Have a Great Day!

Photo Source–nfl_mezz_1280_1024.jpg

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