You Got It, You Got It Bad…

By Tempfit

As Usher once said. Jokes aside, America are going through some serious stuff at the minute. If it’s not the big bad North Korean geezer giving it all large they’ve got, and may I just say badly named, hurricane Irma. In all seriousness, this hurricane is proving to be extremely destructive and is ruining people’s […]

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So today’s “Reblog Saturday” is not about sports.  It is about something more important then all of that.  I love sports as much as the next person, but seeing all of the pain, and suffering that has happened in Texas, and probably going to happen in Florida, puts me in a very somber mood.  I sometimes take life for granted, and do not really expect anything to change from day to day.  However, life is never easy, and there is always going to be hardship.  I see how much hardship the people in Texas, the various islands struck by Irma, and in the next day or two, Florida, and the southeastern United States.  This reminds me that my life is not that tuff, and that I have absolutely no reason to complain.  I should always thank God for how little hardship I have had in my life.

Whether you believe in a God, or you are an atheist.  Keep the victims of Irma, and Harvey in your thoughts, and prayers, Sports Reaction Nation.  Read the post by Tempfit, and follow, and like them.  And remember, be the best sports you can possibly be.

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